Show every detail at every magnification with Olympus’ SC180 4K camera
Source: Olympus

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Show every detail at every magnification with Olympus’ SC180 4K camera

Facilitating precise sample documentation and audience engagement, Olympus’ 18 megapixel SC180 camera shows unprecedented detail, especially at low magnifications. The easy-to-use and cost-effective SC180 camera reinforces Olympus’ commitment to making 4K Microscopy the new standard.

Share. Document. Publish.

Source: Olympus

The fast 18 megapixel SC180 camera uses the full optical resolution of the microscope and produces clear, crisp images at all magnifications. The 4K UHD live image helps to engage audiences in large-screen presentations and to increase throughput in tissue documentation and creating detailed images for publication.

4K Microscopy: The new standard

With the SC180 camera Olympus makes 4K Microscopy accessible to more users than ever before. 4K Microscopy enables users to get the same level of detail on the screen as through the oculars and show true-to-life structures and colours for enhanced sample observation.

Fast and focused

Ensuring comfortable, fluid navigation, regardless of the illumination conditions, Fast Live maintains a high frame rate when the specimen is being moved. The SC180 also has Focus Peaking, which enables users to see which areas of a specimen are exactly in focus. This improves throughput and productivity as users get a perfectly focused image with the first click.

Clean, natural colours

The SC180 camera features fully automated, real-time image processing features, which guarantee the highest quality of images. Real-time colour profiling with automated white point calibration ensures natural-looking colours for reliable images. Olympus Smart Image Averaging (OSIA) reduces noise for crisp, clean images.

4K Microscopy for everyone

Show every detail at every magnification with Olympus’ SC180 4K camera
Source: Olympus

All microscopy users can benefit from 4K Microscopy and Olympus’ SC180 camera provides 4K Microscopy that is both user-friendly and cost-effective. The 4K UHD live image, combined with a range of user-friendly features, makes the SC180 well suited for sharing, documenting and publishing all the fine details of a sample in crisp, bright and natural colours.

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Source: Olympus


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