‘Sensational’ innovations for radio surgery

Source: Meyer-Haake

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‘Sensational’ innovations for radio surgery

Back in 1987 Meyer-Haake GmbH introduced the first high-frequency surgical device with an output power in the megahertz range.

Due to the high-frequency it was possible to conduct surgery with minimal heat development, resulting in less thermal damage and tissue shrinkage. Thus, the firm’s devices were quickly bought. For its latest models – radioSURG 2200 ‘PT’ and ‘PTA’ – innovations have been developed that are ‘sensational’, Meyer Haake (which also produces the tissue adhesive Epiglu) reports. ‘A well-known designer in the medical field created the case, which  offers a clearly arranged, self-explanatory touchscreen and five outputs – Cut, Cut Coag, Mono Coag, Bipo Coag and Bipo Auto (‘PTA’).

Never before were so many novelties offered in a radio surgical device that’s Made in Germany

‘In addition to the permanent coagulation, the coagulation degree can be set in nine strengths and the coagulation time in 10 steps up to one second,’ the firm,  explains. ‘By pressing the finger switch on the handpieces, or squeezing the tips of the bipolar forceps together, it can be switched to the respective output mod, without touching the device itself. ‘An absolute sensation is the development of the new foot pedal. With this, the modes can be changed, the output power increased, or decreased, and the device activated or deactivated. The device offers parameters for more than 40 surgical procedures from eight medical fields, which can of course be changed and saved again. Additionally, in all five output modes five personal settings for surgical procedures can be saved. All surgical parameters can be read out, printed, or saved on the computer via a USB stick. Never before were so many novelties offered in a radio surgical device that’s Made in Germany,’ the manufacturer adds proudly. Meyer-Haake also produces the special tissue adhesive EPIGLU.

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