Point-of-care ultrasound from SonoSite

At Medica, this year, SonoSite is presenting innovations - M-Turbo and the S-series - which present numerous technical improvements and deliver a breakthrough image quality, the company reports.

Photo: Point-of-care ultrasound from SonoSite

‘With the S-Series, SonoSite launches a radically new concept in ultrasound unlike anything else in the market. Highlight is the S-Nerve visualisation tool, the first ultrasound device custom-designed to support the specific needs of anaesthesiologists who perform regional anaesthesia,’ the manufacturer explains. ‘The new SonoSite products can perform a variety of examinations and deliver high quality diagnosis even under difficult conditions. Thanks to a large capacity for image and data transfer, the mobile ultrasound systems provide many possibilities for lower cost, multi-media hospital communication. Therefore, it’s not just patients who benefit; hospitals are also experiencing benefits due to decreases in costs.’


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