Olympus’ CX3 series: Get comfortable in your routine

Ideal for high-throughput, regular use, Olympus’ ergonomic CX43 and CX33 microscopes deliver superior comfort and reduce fatigue during long periods of routine microscopy.

CX43 - Versatile Clinical Microscope.
CX43 - Versatile Clinical Microscope.

With a range of ergonomic features and a maintenance- and centring-free LED light source, Olympus’ CX3 series combines exceptional user comfort with bright, uniform illumination.

Designed with comfort in mind

The CX43 and CX33 microscopes minimize fatigue and maximize comfort by facilitating a natural posture. All frequently-used controls have been lowered, allowing a comfortable position for the arms during operation. The stage is set at 70 mm lower than previous models, providing a larger working space under the eyepiece, making it easier to check or swap samples with just one hand. The stage and co-axial focus knobs have also been lowered, allowing users to reach the controls while their forearms remain on the desk. In addition, the low revolving nosepiece with finger rest accommodates up to five objectives and enables users to quickly change magnification with minimal arm movement.

Reliable illumination and reduced costs

To improve durability and reduce running costs, the CX43 and CX33 feature a centring-free LED light source. This light source has an extended 60,000-hour lifetime, ensuring stable imaging performance over long periods. The new LED light source provides uniform illumination and constant colour temperature at any brightness level. This means that users can carry out analyses faster and with more confidence thanks to natural colour representation over a wide range of stains.

Versatile microscopy

Providing users with the flexibility to perform multiple tasks on a single microscope frame, the universal condenser on the CX43 microscope covers a variety of observation methods. These include phase contrast and fluorescence, and the condenser supports objectives ranging from 2X to 100X magnification. In addition, the CX33 microscope has a built-in camera port and the CX43 microscope has an optional trinocular observation head for digital imaging.

The choice for routine microscopy

The CX33 and CX43 microscopes series are an excellent choice in any routine laboratory. The microscope frames conform to the user’s hands and the location of the controls maximizes ergonomics to improve work efficiency. Users can quickly set a specimen with one hand, while adjusting focus and operating the stage with minimal movement of the other hand.

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