Hologics new 3D mammography system
Now on sale in Europe: Hologic reports that this new system offers ground-breaking features to produce higher quality 3-D images, enhance workflow, with low-dose options and delivers a more comfortable mammography experience
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NEW: The 3Dimensions mammography system

‘Clinicians across Europe have made clear their desire for breast cancer screening technology that offers improved accuracy, clarity and workflow, and the 3Dimensions system addresses each of those specific areas,’ Hologic’s Jan Verstreken, Regional President for EMEA and Canada, pointed out during the launch of the new system. 

This is the latest in the firm’s breast cancer screening, diagnostic and interventional solutions portfolio, and offers ‘a variety of ground-breaking features designed to provide higher quality 3-D images for radiologists, enhanced workflow for technologists, and a more comfortable mammography experience, with low-dose options, for patients,’ Hologic reports.

A world leader in breast cancer screening technology, the firm pioneered the 3-D mammography exam, which detects up to 65 percent more invasive breast cancers and is the only mammogram approved by the USA’s Food and Drug Administration as superior for women with dense breasts compared to 2-D alone.

Innovations improve image clarity

‘The 3Dimensions system offers a number of innovative features that improve image clarity and help manage dose, setting it apart from every other screening technology on the European market,’ said Pete Valenti, Hologic’s Division President, Breast and Skeletal Health Solutions. The system offers Clarity HD high-resolution 3-D imaging, delivering the industry’s fastest, highest resolution 3-D images to accelerate screening and analysis. It has been ‘designed to clearly reveal subtle lesions and fine calcifications to help pinpoint cancers early,’ the report continues, adding that the advanced detector and 3-D imaging algorithm work together to deliver exceptional 3-D images, regardless of breast size or density.

Clarity HD has reduced recalls by up to 40 percent compared to 2-D alone; however, the new system does offer Intelligent 2-D imaging technology, which features smart mapping, enabling radiologists to instantly move from suspicious areas detected on the 2-D image to the point of interest on the 3-D slice. 

Patient comfort

3Dimensions also includes the new SmartCurve breast stabilisation system, a more comfortable mammogram – improving comfort in 93 percent of women surveyed, who had reported moderate to severe discomfort with standard compression – without compromising image quality. The system features a curved compression surface that mirrors the shape of a woman’s breast to reduce pinching and allow uniform compression over the entire breast. ‘Advanced processing software, specifically developed for the SmartCurve system, ensures optimal image quality,’ Hologic explains.

Another feature available with the 3Dimensions system is the Quantra 2.2 breast density assessment software, which enables standardisation in patient protocols, providing reproducible and consistent breast density assessment.


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