New portable ultrasound system is available

Hologic’s new Viera portable breast ultrasound system is now available for purchase in the U.S. and Europe.

viera portable ultrasound system
Source: Hologic

Delivering exceptional image quality at the point of care, the Viera wireless ultrasound scanner provides physicians with the opportunity for earlier diagnoses and an optimized clinical workflow – all at a fraction of the cost of larger, mid-tier cart systems.

Thanks to its portability, the system offers an efficient way to perform guided interventional procedures, like biopsies, marker placements, and wire localizations anywhere, anytime. In fact, Viera portable breast ultrasound allows radiologists to confidently guide greater than 90 percent of interventional breast procedures.1

[1] Based on a systematic review of 29 sequentially collected ultrasound studies by 8 MQSA qualified interpreting breast radiologists. Data on file. CSR-00101 

Source: Hologic


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