Nanocoating for stents: prevention of coronary re-stenosis

Recent studies show that drug-eluting-stents perform superior than bare metal stents in the treatment of high-risk cardiac patients. At ComPaMED 2007, the Germany based company HEMOTEQ, leading designer and manufacturer of ultra-thin coatings for medical devices, presented their solutions for customized coating of stents.

Hemoteq’s Ouverture® is a high-perfomance drug-eluting stent platform designed for the most effective treatment of coronary stenosis and the prevention of re-stenosis.
The new product-line consists of two different models:
- The Repulsion® coating features an optimized, smart drug eluting matrix that has been designed to ensure the controlled and safe release for a wide range of potent drugs. The coating is fully biodegradable, biocompatible and hemocompatible.
- The Camouflage® coating has unique thrombo-protective features. It outperforms bare 316L stents in antirestenotic protection due to less coronary injury. A covalently bonded synthetic carbohydrate masks the stent’s surface as endothelial cells (biomimicry), resulting in outstanding hemocompatibility.
Both Ouverture-coatings could be adapted to virtually any metallic stent material and design. They are also adaptable to most hydrophobic, hydrophilic or amphiphilic drugs.

For more information about Hemoteq’s products please visit the manufacturer’s website at


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