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Medtronic - O-arm – Mobile Surgical Imaging System

The O-arm has successfully established as a gold standard imaging device for high contrast items in the market. Surgeons, all over the world consider the O-arm their system of choice, convinced by image quality, ease of handling, and reliability.

Continuous development and innovation will allow the user to expand their clinical indications for use and applications in the future. In the modern OR, intraoperative imaging is an integral tool for the surgical team striving for the best patient outcomes.

The O-arm System has brought intraoperative imaging to a new level, with superior image quality and large field-of-view in both 2D & 3D image sets, providing surgeons with the information they need most, precisely when they need it. This allows the surgeon to plan, implement and confirm success of the surgical procedure before the patient leaves the OR.

Source: Medtronic

The completely motorized system supports quick and easy handling and a smooth workflow, allowing the surgeon to work in a better-controlled environment and therefore to focus entirely on the patient. Image quality, patient safety, sterility and ease of use in the OR are essential design criteria for the O-arm system. The system optimally supports the surgical workflow and creates a controlled surgical environment by minimizing manipulations needed during the procedure. With the unique and patented breakable gantry the O-arm provides vital lateral patient access, which is essential for optimal patient positioning and surgical workflow. Compatibility with standard radiolucent operating tables allows an easy adaptation to any standard OR.

Through robotic positioning the O-arm System remembers your best views. Programmable memory stores the exact position of the gantry and detector as well as any X-ray technique, in up to four imaging positions. The user can recall the exact image position at the touch of a button any time during surgery, eliminating time-consuming repositioning and additional X-ray exposure for scouting.

When not needed for imaging, the gantry moves to the user-defined park position within seconds, allowing surgeon’s patient access while maintaining the integrity of the sterile field as the O-arm can remain in the surgical field. As the O-arm is fully mobile, it can be removed from the OR at any time of the surgery and be used in a parallel intervention.

Navigate more efficient than ever before

The O-arm System seamlessly integrates with Stealth Station navigation to reduce X-ray exposure – increasing safety for both OR staff and patients. Surgical Navigation provides the surgeon with information about the patient’s anatomy while reducing the X-ray exposure to patient, surgeon and staff.

Automatic Data Transfer of the patient’s 3D data set, as well as of the AP and lateral images, and automatic anatomical registration on the Stealth Station Navigation System eliminating the need for lengthy patient registration, allowing the surgeon to navigate within seconds after image acquisition, thereby increasing procedural efficiency.

Additional 3D Datasets may be acquired whenever needed during surgery, making navigation easy to use, more effective and more reliable than ever before. The Synergy Experience Advanced Navigation User Interface is streamlined to fit the workflow in the OR and to support the surgeon’s work.

Because trust matters – trust through quality and reliability

Since its market launch in 2006, the O-arm has revolutionized intra-operative imaging. Within the last eight years, the O-arm has become the gold standard in the area of intra-operative 2D / 3D spine imaging. Users from all world trust the high product quality, unequalled reliability and versatility of the O-arm.

Through continuous advancement of the hardware and software, the reliability is at the level of a fix installed diagnostic CT. As a reliable service partner, Medtronic ensures the best possible performance and availability of the O-arm throughout its entire service life.

The experience gained over the years is passed on to new users by supervisors in training centers and by on-site Medtronic staff. The annual users’ meetings and international special events offer the perfect platforms for sharing and exchanging experiences. The Medtronic experts are also happy to assist you as needed–during clinical application in the operating theatre.

The O-arm in numbers:
• 700+ O-arm global installations
• 150+ O-arm installations in Europe
• 250,000+ Patients benefited from O-arm use
• 1,500+ Surgeon user worldwide use.

Because trust matters – trust through continuous advancement

The O-arm was developed specifically for use in the operating theatre. Every day, physicians in neurosurgery, orthopedics, trauma surgery, and also in ENT, benefit from the advantages of the system during countless interventions. Over 140 peer-reviewed articles document the benefits of the system, both during bone surgery as well as during cranial interventions. Thanks to the continuous technical advancement of the O-arm, today physicians and patients benefit from Improved 2D & 3D image quality, Expanded range of application and Lower dose rate.

Transforming surgical practice

Source: Medtronic

Medtronic is not only commitment is not limited to hospital equipment. Our SurgicalSynergy program is offering hospitals complete solutions for the entire surgery from preoperative planning to the patient closure. We can leverage synergies that will help transform the surgical experience, drive betterpatient outcomes, and enhance economic value. Surgical Synergy is a synthesis of surgical, procedural, and therapeutic innovations from our Spine, Neuromodulation, and Surgical Technologies businesses.

With the depth and breadth of our expertise and technologies, we offer integrated procedural solutions that can help support your goals of:

  • Advancing patient care.
  • Performing faster, more precise procedures.
  • Reducing patient complications and improving clinical outcomes.
  • Achieving better economic value.
  • Enabling more minimally invasive and complex procedures.

With Medtronic Surgical Synergy we offer you a unique integration of innovative surgical technologies with treatments, implants and therapeutic devices to drive procedural excellence and optimal patient care. Only Medtronic offers the depth and breadth of experience and technologies that can respond to your needs, no matter the case.

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