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Management in radiology

The fourth Management in Radiology (MIR) Symposium to be held during the ECR will focus on key issues in the profession, including quality and safety.

The chairman of the MIR sessions, Peter Mildenberger, is professor of radiology and leads the IT-group in the radiology department at Mainz University Clinic, Germany

Professor Erika Denton (UK) is then presenting the ‘Update on radiology: a strategy for the future’. Professor Emanuele Neri (IT) is to report on Imaging Biobanks, based on his lengthy experience in this field and as Chairman of the ESR Working Group on this subject.

An ‘Update on decision support for radiology’ comes from Professor Keith Dreyer from Boston, USA, a radiologist with leading expertise in actual implementation and usage of decision support. Professor Sergey Morozov (RU) follows with his update on social media in radiology, a topic already discussed with great interest at the 2014 MIR Annual Meeting in Italy. Closing the first session, Professor Boris Brkljačić focuses on economics.

2nd session: Improving quality and safety

Dr Adrian Brady (IE) is presenting ‘First experiences from a nation-wide peer review in radiology’. Dr Peter Cavanagh will describe ‘How to organise meaningful audits in radiology’. Finally, Professor David Koff will speak on ‘Errors in radiology: how to learn from a systematic approach’.

A Panel Discussion ‘Learning from critical situations or errors’ will round off the session, and renowned international speakers will present their personal experiences and share expertise when meeting participants.

Both sessions have time reserved for discussion, including participation from the floor, and a break in between will provide the opportunity to discuss topics individually or in groups with the speakers or others.



Don't miss:
Friday, 6 March
13:00–15:00. Room D2.
Session 1: Best of professional issues in radiology
Moderators: S. Morozov
(Moscow); E. Schouman-Claeys (Paris)

15:30–17:30. Room D2.
Session 2: Improving quality and safety in radiology
Moderators: J. A. Brink (Boston);
R. FitzGerald (Shropshire, UK)


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