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Looking forward to a better European Health Partnership

Health industry sectors, representing pharmaceutical and medical technology companies (COCIR, EFPIA, EuropaBio, MedTech Europe and Vaccines Europe) welcome the publication of the European Partnership for Innovative Health Proposal as a significant milestone towards a European Partnership for Health Innovation. The future partnership will showcase to researchers, patients, and citizens that Europe has the ambition to be a world-leader in collaborative research and development (R&D). It will pioneer the patient-centred integration of  knowledge, technology and products to address the entire care continuum for the benefit of patients across Europe and beyond.

Image source: Unsplash/Waldemar Brandt

Investment in collaborative R&D can play a significant role in building health resilience, improving European health systems’ sustainability, addressing the needs of patients across Europe, and driving the region’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has also underlined the importance of having a large-scale partnership for health innovation to mobilise and coordinate public and private research efforts aimed at tackling global public health threats. 

The life-science sector partners and the European Commission describe the new partnership's objectives, deliverables, governance and operational model in the Partnership Proposal. While the proposal will be subject to further discussion, the document already gives an insight into the specific elements that will be addressed in the draft partnership legislation expected in Autumn 2020. 

All partners are dedicated to developing new solutions for patients, healthcare professionals and  systems, as well as their implementation in research and health practice in different socio-economic conditions across Europe. Impactful solutions for public health and sustainable healthcare systems have always been and will remain at the core of our industries’ mission, the companies write in their joint statement. This endeavour will guide the work of scientists and researchers collaborating under the new health innovation partnership. The partners fully support the European Commission in its efforts to provide a harmonised set of rules for institutionalised partnerships while, at the same time, ensuring efficient processes and flexibility for cross-sectorial collaboration.

Source: COCIR


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