Leica MDRS3 for microsurgery videos and stills

The compact, medically tested Leica Medical Digital Recording System MDRS3 from Leica Microsystems allows video and uncompressed still images recording from multiple cameras without interruption of the video recording.

Photo: Leica MDRS3 for microsurgery videos and stills

The high-resolution data stored on the internal 80 GB hard drive can be synchronously exported to other systems via USB ports for further processing or saved by the integrated CD/DVD burner.

Leica reports that the touchscreen, with icons and keyboard, guides users through the application in several languages, and no training is needed. A surgeon starts video recording by pressing the foot pedal, interrupts when necessary, and records individual sequences. Individual steps are accompanied by an acoustic signal. It is also possible to connect a camera control unit (CCU) to transmit an analogue signal.

All the usual camera makes and output devices can be easily integrated with the system, and it can be connected to all microscopes, e.g. for microsurgery or endoscopy. Leica adds that as a stand-alone solution it is also suitable for room supervision and laboratory use.

Many hospitals already have their own solution for incorporating images other than X-rays into the PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) patient data system. Where this is not the case, and the surgeon needs to store photos and videos together with X-rays and MRI scans, the pre-installed Etiam DICOM-izer can be used. This converts photos and videos into the international standard format for medical recordings. The data can then be forwarded to any DICOM central computer.


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