Hybrid operating theatres

In technical terms ‘hybrid’ is a system that connects two technologies so they may benefit from each other. This also applies to the newest generation of operating theatre*: hybrid OTs combine diagnostic and surgical facilities that are usually found in separate locations. Thus procedures can be carried out in less time and involve less discomfort and risk for the patient.

Maquet helps hospitals design hybrid operating rooms around their surgical...
Maquet helps hospitals design hybrid operating rooms around their surgical team's workflow – so clinicians have everything at their fingertips

Compared to conventional OTs, the hybrid OT also has large-scale imaging equipment, which is mostly used for angiographies but also for the computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and makes imaging possible even during surgical interventions. The interaction between cardiologist and heart surgeon makes this into an OT with integrated cardiac catheter laboratory. In case of an emergency, surgical interventions can thus be carried out during vascular catheterisation procedures in order to manage complications. This clearly lowers the risk and stress for the patient.

Additionally, the hybrid OT enables new therapies such as minimally invasive cardiac valve reconstruction. Especially for patients who can no longer benefit from conventional therapy, the new treatment methods constitute a chance to increase the quality of life noticeably. That is why an increasing number of hospitals confront the task of offering their patients the latest standard of treatment facilities in the form of hybrid OTs. ‘As one of the pioneers in this field, Maquet equips hospitals worldwide with this new type of treatment room,’ the company reports.

The hybrid OT is primarily used in cardio and vascular surgery. The Cardiovascular division of Maquet is one of the international market leaders for medical products, machines and instruments for vascular and heart surgery, the firm points out. ‘We have a depth of expertise, many years of experience and multiple points of synergy within the company, which come together to ensure the development of the ideal workplace both for the surgeon and for the benefit of the patients,’ said Dr Dieter Engel, R&D director of the Maquet Surgical Workplaces division.

From planning to implementation

To equip the hybrid OT, Maquet has developed a complete offer that covers both the optimal theatre planning using the OR3D 3D simulation software as well as the modular VARIOP room concept with easy to install and exchange wall and installation elements, Maquet explains. ‘The portfolio is completed by lights and ceiling elements specially developed for the hybrid OT, which can be positioned flexibly within the room.’

Equipped for the future

‘All the above mentioned advantages of installing a hybrid OT require that hospitals effectively manage costs, planning and utilisation. Specialists such as Maquet provide valuable support by supplying the necessary equipment and therapy solutions of this type of operating theatre from a single source and furthermore offer physicians to get to know the advantages of a hybrid OT in the company’s own training facility,’ Maquet adds. ‘That is why an increasing number of hospitals confront the task of offering their patients the newest standard of treatment facilities in form of hybrid OTs: for twice the safety and a two-fold benefit.’

At Medica you will find a fully equipped hybrid OT that includes the Philips angiography system Allura XPer FD20C. The world's first hybrid OT, combining the Philips Allura and the Maquet OT table, was put into service back in 2000 in Basel, Switzerland.

* USA: operating room (OR)

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