Hospital Manager Symposium at ECR 2007

For Christian Herold, President of the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2007, the Hospital Manager Symposium is one of the annual highlights of the congress.

Christian Herold, ECR 2007 President
Christian Herold, ECR 2007 President
Hospital managers frequently view radiology both as a devil and as an angel. The “devil” view is related to the fact that radiology is a sophisticated specialty at the high end of technology-driven medicine, which is frequently associated with high costs. The “angel” perspective is based on the notion that radiology stimulates improvement in hospital IT services, is also at the forefront of quality and risk management initiatives, and improves the quality of care through largely non-invasive or minimally invasive diagnostic and interventional procedures.
This now well-established Hospital Manager Symposium will examine the economic, organisational and managerial challenges related to radiology in a hospital environment. Come prepared for a lively and interactive session.


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