Good news for diabetics, cardiology patients and caretakers

At this year’s MEDICA, CNOGA Medical Ltd. will be introducing its new line of non-invasive, pain-free patient vital signs monitoring TensorTip™ devices, and presenting its new Singular™ platform, a secure cloud-based ecosystem infrastructure platform as well as its new mobile application for sending results to physicians, friends and caretakers. CNOGA’s easy-to-use, portable devices are designed for patient as well as professional use and comply with the highest accuracy standards and quality requirements.

CNOGA Medical Shows New Line of Non-Invasive Devices, Ecosystem Infrastructure...
CNOGA Medical Shows New Line of Non-Invasive Devices, Ecosystem Infrastructure Platform and Mobile App
CNOGA Medical presents its new Ecosystem Infrastructure of Non-Invasive...
CNOGA Medical presents its new Ecosystem Infrastructure of Non-Invasive Hemodynamics, Blood parameters & Blood gases Monitoring Devices, Cloud-Based Platform and Mobile Application at Booth H09 D75.

All CNOGA TensorTip™ devices are portable, lightweight and easy to use. The technology uses a real time color image sensor and unique algorithms to enable the analysis of a vast amount of data in detecting blood chromatic changes of diabetes and cardiovascular patients painlessly. Once the patient places one finger in the finger compartment, the device automatically measures and displays more than a dozen blood parameters. If desired, the patient can easily transmit the results via bluetooth connectivity to any mobile device or PC and share them with medical professionals and caretakers to control his or her health remotely. A built-in memory function can store monitored results in the device itself for physician review.

CNOGA non-invasive devices include the CNOGA TensorTip™ Matrix (MTX). It securely measures, monitors and analyzes more than dozen blood parameters non-invasively –blood pressure, stroke volume, cardiac output, cardiac index, as well as Blood Gases (CO2, O2, pH), Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, Red blood cell, Pulse and Main Atrial Blood Pressure and more.

The CNOGA TensorTip™ Combo Glucometer (CoG) provides a revolutionary, painless, non-invasive approach to glucose measurement, enabling diabetics to monitor their glucose levels everywhere with no prick and no blood. This groundbreaking device is individually calibrated for each patient and is designed for everyday use.

Adding to the range of products, the CNOGA TensorTip™ VSM tracks Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation and Pulse per Minute and offers, like all CNOGA devices, non-invasive and ease-of-use measurements. In addition, CNOGA will be launching Singular, its secure cloud-based ecosystem infrastructure platform. It is designed to safely transfer medical results from the devices to CNOGA’s mobile application and allows secure access to caretakers, physicians or other selected stakeholders.

Find CNOGA Medical at booth H09 D75.


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