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Bracco Imaging invests in IT for Radiology

Bracco Imaging, a leading global company in the diagnostic imaging business, today announced a strategic investment in PHS Technologies Group, a
division of PACSHealth, to further expand its portfolio of Informatics Solutions for Radiology.

Photo: Bracco Imaging invests in IT for Radiology

The  strategic  investment  is  aimed  at  broadening  Bracco’s  portfolio  of  software  applications  for dose  management  in  order  to  provide  healthcare  organizations  with  the  information  needed  to ensure  patient  safety,  enhance  imaging  exam  consistency,  maintain  regulatory  compliance  and 
monitor radiation dose at an enterprise level.

The  agreement  strengthens  the  partnership  with  PHS  Technologies  Group,  allowing  Bracco  to enhance  distribution  efforts  of  NEXO[DOSE] in  existing  markets  and  access  emerging opportunities in new geographies.

“We are pleased to  reinforce  our partnership with PHS Technologies”  said Fulvio Renoldi Bracco, Head  of  the  Business  Unit  Imaging  at  Bracco  Imaging.  “The  investment  will  provide  new opportunities  for  Bracco  to  quickly  address  the  increasing  challenges  in  healthcare  delivery
according to the new market requirements in terms of radiation exposure monitoring.”

“PHS Technologies Group is excited to expand  its  relationship with Bracco” said Mike Battin, Chief Operating  Officer  of  PHS  Technologies  Group.  “PHS  is  the  OEM  manufacturer  for  Bracco’s NEXO[DOSE] product and will implement  an  expanded service and support offerings to the new markets. Furthermore  PHS  will  provide  significant  functional  improvements  to  the  application portfolio over the next 24 months.”

Source: press release Bracco


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