An integrated system for LESS surgery

Olympus Deutschland GmbH ( is at Medica showing its integrated system for LESS surgery. Laparoscopic surgery involves an insufflation of the abdomen with carbon dioxide gas, Olympus explains.

Photo: An integrated system for LESS surgery

 ‘This pushes the abdominal wall away from the intestine, effectively creating a working space for instruments during laparoscopy. Separating the top boot from the base of the port allows for easy and safe specimen removal during the procedure, protecting both specimen and the small abdominal incision.
Alternatively, it can be used to introduce items into the abdomen as well, for instance a laparoscopic gastric band in obesity surgery.’
Single-site access does not allow for triangulation of conventional instruments. The EndoEYE LS videoscopes incorporate a deflectable control section preventing interference between instruments and camera. Together with EndoEYE LTF cameras with their flexible tips, these videoscopes are ideally suited to perform LESS surgery, the firm points out. ‘Olympus devel oped a comprehensive line of innovative HiQ LS hand instruments to overcome ergonomic challenges, offering optimal ergonomics and providing comfort and flexibility to the surgeon.
‘Pre-curved HiQ LS hand instruments have a double curve facilitating excellent manoeuvrability while still offering independent jaw rotation. The ergonomic grip offers
easy handling. Also, pre-curved instruments are much more costeffective compared to their disposable articulating counterparts as they can be sterilised and reused.
These instruments allow for safe and efficient LESS procedures, in contrast to conventional or flexible instruments.’
Olympus is in Hall 10. Stand C2


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