Agfa HealthCare shows its most extensive DR portfolio ever

At ECR 2011, Agfa HealthCare is showing its richest direct radiography (DR) portfolio ever. These DR solutions address a broad diversity of imaging needs, but always deliver productivity and workflow improvement benefits, combined with very high image quality.

Complete range meets demanding standards
"We are very pleased with what we are showing in DR at ECR," comments Hans Vandewyngaerde, Vice President Region Europe, Agfa HealthCare. "Our comprehensive portfolio demonstrates our commitment to offering every healthcare facility the solution that best fits its needs and situation."
"At the same time, all our DR solutions must meet our high standards for productivity and workflow improvement, and very high image quality. We achieve this through the combined benefits of our NX workstation, our advanced DR needle technology and our MUSICA2 image enhancement solution," Hans Vandewyngaerde continues.
The NX platform provides very fast acquisition and a smooth workflow; its single, intuitive user interface for both DR and computed radiography (CR) requires minimal training but offers maximum convenience. Agfa HealthCare's gold-standard MUSICA2 image processing software has been specially tuned to further enhance the DR image quality, while the combination of needle (Cesium Iodide) scintillator and MUSICA2 provides the potential to yield high-quality diagnostic images at lower dose.

The extensive range of DR solutions being shown at ECR includes:

Work In Progress DX-D 800 digital X-ray room combining fluoroscopy, radiography and direct exposures. The DX-D 800 digital X-ray room is fitted with a dynamic, portable and removable flat panel detector. This multi-purpose system allows both fluoroscopy and the broadest range of radiology exams, including full leg/full spine (FLFS) with automatic image stitching. A remote controlled table positioning is programmed in each anatomic protocol, offering excellent ergonomics.

NEW DX-D 600 top-of-the-line, ceiling-mounted direct digital X-ray room. The DX-D 600 is our most productive and efficient room yet. It offers a full portfolio of fully-motorized, semi-automatic and manual configurations. The versatile ceiling-mounted system is equipped with dual Cesium Iodide DR detectors in the wall stand and table, with optional integrated CR as well. Other options include Full Leg/Full Spine with automatic image stitching.

NEW DX-D 400 scalable, floor-mounted solution. The floor-mounted
DX-D 400 offers a smooth upgrade path to digital and can be used with film, DR and CR. Scalable configurations are possible, from an analog manual system, to a digital manual system, and up to a digital automatic system with auto-positioning, auto-tracking and a tubehead touch screen.

DX-D 300 with fully motorized U-arm. Its small size and floor-mounting make the DX-D 300 very easy and cost effective to install, in even a limited space. Yet it can handle a broad range of X-ray studies (including lateral exams and Full Leg/Full Spine with automatic stitching), making it ideal for use with all patients, even those less mobile.

DX-D 100 mobile direct digital X-ray unit. This mobile direct digital X-ray unit is easily moved and operated by a single person, for improved quality and efficiency of bedside imaging. It can be used with several DR detectors, delivering instant previews and leading-edge resolution for a broad range of general radiography X-ray studies.

NEW DX-D 30 portable cassette-sized wireless detector. With its wireless technology, the DX-D 30 is convenient to use in challenging imaging situations such as the ICU or operating room, as the cord does not interfere with patient positioning. It also offers greater hygiene, since there is no trailing cable to pick up dirt and germs from the floor.

DX-D 10 and DX-D 20 portable detectors. These tethered digital detectors offer a fast and effective way to get the benefits of high-quality digital imaging. Suitable for both conventional and mobile digital X-ray systems, they maximize the use of the medical imaging facility's existing investment. The cassette sized DX-D 10 fits into any standard bucky tray. The DX-D 20 also has a strong enclosure with a handle for easy placement.

CR and DR working together
Agfa HealthCare is convinced that both CR and DR have a role to play in the modern medical imaging environment. As a result, Agfa HealthCare remains committed to supporting and extending both its DR and CR portfolios, and offers medical imaging facilities access to the broadest range of CR and DR technologies that can be combined to address their specific imaging needs in the most effective way.

At ECR, Agfa HealthCare is demonstrating how its DR and CR technologies co-exist in a scalable growth path for digital imaging.



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