The MKC-X800 ultra-compact camera from Ikegami
The MKC-X800 ultra-compact camera from Ikegami

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A new ultra-compact microscopy camera

The MKC-X800 ultra-compact camera is a new addition to Ikegami’s range of medical imaging equipment, which, the firm reports, sets higher than ever standards of imaging quality to capture the precise colour and image detail of surgical operations.

Measuring just 28x28x52mm WHD and weighing 100g, it can be mounted on a surgical microscope, lightweight support stand or boom. With its 4K-native sensor and advanced signal processing, the MKC-X800 delivers outstandingly precise detail (1800 TV lines horizontal resolution) and low picture noise. Connection to its control unit is by a single coaxial cable, which can be up to 15 metres in length. All functions can be accessed via an easy-to-use touch-screen user interface panel. Camera head and control unit have antibacterial-coated surfaces.

Stereoscopic configurations for head-up surgery can be deployed quickly by assigning two cameras as master and slave. The slave camera automatically follows any change in master camera control setting.

HDR mode delivers wide dynamic range video reproduction. This function ensures that high quality display extends both to dark and bright parts of the image. The system’s wide colour gamut (BT.2020) ensures accurate reproduction of fine details, such as small veins.

Electronic zoom function allows Full-HD images to be selected from the 4K-UHD source without degradation. This mode can be pre-set or adjusted in real-time by the CCU operator.

Camera sensitivity can be doubled while maintaining the 1800-line UHD video resolution. Total sensitivity can be further enhanced up to four times normal to inspect very dark image areas.

Colour correction can be applied more easily than ever via a newly designed rotary switch or by tuning 16 axes of the colour gamut.

Additional functions accessible at the CCU include automatic or manual gain, white balance, shutter speed, knee, pixel mix, line mix, pixel/line mix, detail enhancement, vertical and horizontal image inversion and up to four times digital zoom. Four groups of scene file settings can be stored as control function pre-sets. All scene files are name editable.

The MKC-X800 can output in a variety of signal formats, such as quad-link 3G-SDI, HDMI 2.0 or 12G-SDI. Originated for the professional broadcast sector, the 12G-SDI signal format allows easy 4K-UHD connection over up to 50m of single coax cable. 4K-UHD and 1080p/1080i HD can be output simultaneously. Full-HD can be captured directly to the Ikegami MDR 600HD video recorder. The MKC-X800 can be connected to Ikegami’s MLW-2750UHD 4K monitor via a single HDMI cable.

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