A Joint Radiologist/Industry Initiative On Integrity

On March 6, COCIR* and ESR held a Joint Session at 2014 European Congress of Radiology (ECR) entitled “How does integrity affect our daily lives? A joint radiologist/industry initiative”.

Photo: A Joint Radiologist/Industry Initiative On Integrity

The aim was to share information on integrity relating to the everyday activities of radiologists in their interactions with the healthcare technology industry and build awareness of industry codes of conduct, in particular the COCIR Code of Conduct.

Academic and charitable support from industry has benefited radiology, but increasing calls for more clarity in the relationship between commercial companies and individuals, professional bodies and academic institutions are now being addressed. These issues were openly debated in this session together with the presentation of the COCIR Code of Conduct as an example of an industry code.
It is of paramount importance for patients and users to continue to benefit from modern, safe and effective medical technology. Thus, collaborations between healthcare professionals and industry will be successful only if both parties respect high ethical standards. Since 1996, COCIR has developed a strategy of self-regulation for our industry through a COCIR Code of Conduct, to proactively and transparently describe the way industry interacts with healthcare professionals. In the journal ECR Today, it was stated that “COCIR is a pioneer in defining a set of standards for its members”.
Kevin Haydon, COCIR President, said: “Both ESR and COCIR are driven by the need to continuously improve the health status of citizens and patients through prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment. Through highly innovative technologies we are able to provide better access, better quality and cost efficiency towards integrated solutions that will contribute to a sustainable healthcare system”.
In addition, Nicole Denjoy, COCIR Secretary General, added: “It is the role of COCIR to provide a neutral platform to enable industry to work together on matters of common interest and continuously monitor the evolution of regulations to provide one industry voice and ensure its members remain in full compliance”.
*COCIR represents the European Medical Imaging, Electromedical and Healthcare ICT Industry.


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