Wound healing

The new Traumastem biodress is the world’s first oxidised cellulose preparation to treat
acute and chronic wounds, its Czech manufacturer Bioster a.s. reports.

Photo: Wound healing

‘It significantly accelerates the healing process, especially granulation and epithelisation of the wounds, considerably reduces pain from a wound, inactivates matrix metalloproteinases, has antibacterial activity, creates a favourable, humid microenvironment in a wound and contributes to the stabilisation of its internal environment.’ The preparation is suitable for  use in mildly, moderately and even heavily secreting wounds, infected wounds and hard-toheal wounds, the firm adds. ‘It is perfectly absorbed in a wound and provides great relief from pain. It is also very easy to
apply and absolutely harmless. Due to its natural origin, it is very well tolerated by the organism. Indications for use: chronic wounds – decubitus, venous ulcers, etc. Acute wounds – burns, injuries, etc.

Details: www.traumastem.eu

Meet Bioster at Medica, Hall 6, Stand A37


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