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DR Detectors • FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe GmbH

Fujifilm · FDR D-EVO series

Size: 24 × 30 cm – 125 × 43 cm
Detector type: GOS / CsI
Pixel size: 150 μm


  • FDR D-EVO series detectors are rugged, lightweight, water and dust-resistant
  • Ultra-lightweight, FDR D-EVO III features an innovative flexible film based TFT layer
  • Patented IIS technology for High DQE and low noise at ultra-low doses
  • Smartswitch AED
  • Image storage mode
  • Fujifilm exclusive antibacterial Hydro AG coating
  • Multiple sizes for all examinations

FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe GmbH

Balcke-Dürr-Allee 6
40882 Ratingen

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