The next generation LEDs

A well-blended intense cone of light from three reflectors

Starled3 NX, a lamp manufactured by the ACEM Medical Company, is based on the next generation LED technology, assuring cold light, long life and low energy consumption, the Italian company reports.

Photo: The next generation LEDs
Photo: The next generation LEDs

‘The lamp is suitable for countless applications both for surgery and the operating room. It is also ideal for diagnosis, the dental sector, gynaecology, dermatology, general medicine and surgery.’

Starled3 NX grants a homogeneous and shadowless light thanks to its special LED optics created by ACEM, which directs light beams according to needs, the firm continues. ‘The visual area is perfectly illuminated assuring both excellent visual comfort and working conditions.

‘Its next generation LEDs produce an unparalleled quality of light with a colour temperature (CCT) of 4.500°K and colour rendering index (CRI) of 95. Starled3 NX has a light intensity of 130.000 lux with a low energy consumption of 55W. The life cycle of its LEDs is about 50.000 hours.’

The lamp’s three reflectors produce a well blended and intense cone of light focused via the automatic adjustment of the light spot diameter, the firm continues.

The slim, practical, compact and easy to move and position design enables several uses and it is reported to be suitable for the laminar flows of an operating room.

Due to the Endo NDO function (light for endoscopy) possibly this lamp could also be used for minimal-invasive surgery.

Easy-to-clean in shape and materials, the lamp has a removable, sterilisable, easy-to-grip handle promising maximum hygiene. This includes the I-Sense panel which provides simple touch control for light intensity adjustment, Depth of Field - for a deep light, Endo for endoscopy, light spot diameter adjustment to focus the operating area, Sync to synchronise controls of the combined lampsStarled3 NX double (twin dome configuration) and Starled3 NX plus Starled5 NX and/or Starled7 NX.

Starled3 NX can be wall or ceiling mounted (single/double configuration with other Staled NX lamps) and trolley mounted (battery on demand).

ACEM at Medica: Hall 10, booth D31


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