Hospital renovation

The newly integrated operating theatre

For image management, they progressed from a video-based routing system to a system that uses the network.

Dr Victor Fonze, the hospital’s medical director, explained: ‘With the commissioning of the new infrastructure, combined with the image management platform NUCLeUS from Belgium-based company eSaturnus, CHR Huy has jumped from the 20th into the 21st century. Expectations for the new infrastructure are mainly a higher efficiency of the operating rooms.’ Dr Fonze continues. ‘The previous infrastructure had six rooms. Beginning in 2014, we will have one additional surgical suite that will be used for out-patient surgery.’

The other six OTs have extended features, with medical images sent to PACS for transmission anywhere within the hospital. According to the decision makers the most important benefit of the digital OT is the increased information that can be added into the medical patient record. The combination of a medical file, anaesthetics and laparoscopy contribute to the quality of surgery, the hospital pointed out. ‘Finally,’ Dr Victor Fonze added, ‘we chose NUCLeUS because it increases ergonomics using the easiest user interface on the market.’

The main aim was to access medical information more easily, and an integrated OT should go beyond video transmission of video within the room. By extending the accessibility of these images, data become a valuable asset for scientific research, eSaturnus underlined. ‘The hospital in Huy is convinced that their choice for NUCLeUS will contribute to its general quality of care.’



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