The network is the backbone for healthcare transformation

Networked communication is a critical factor in healthcare modernisation worldwide. A reliable, secure infrastructure and pplications adapted to the needs of care providers are essential in the transformation towards accessible, efficient, quality-driven care. Networking technology is Cisco’s core business. Newly appointed as Director of Sales, Public Sector, Cisco Germany, Cécile Willems is responsible for advancing the global vendor’s technology and collaboration concepts. Speaking with European Hospital, she explained her aims in this demanding role.

Photo: The network is the backbone for healthcare transformation

Cécile Willems: ‘Similarly to other sectors, the internet is transforming our healthcare systems into a modern connected world. Cisco’s vision of the ‘Connected Republic’, and our ‘Smart+Connected Communities’
vision of intelligent networking capabilities weaving together people, services, community assets, and information into a single pervasive solution, vare embracing this progress. I’m glad to be part of this development, and
look forward to the multiple tasks and innovations lying ahead.’

Which solutions enable healthcare providers to improve access, efficiency and quality?

‘Connected Healthcare is based on a reliable intelligent Cisco network, serving as a platform accessible by multiple institutions in various locations. Investment amortises quickly. Functions include telephony, e-mail,
instant messaging, video-conferencing, as well as secure transmission of sensitive data and large data volumes. Patient information and charts can be accessed via WLAN anywhere and on any device. ‘HealthPresence is an HD video system with patches for point-of-care testing, including clinical thermometer, stethoscope, as well as a monitor that displays blood pressure, temperature, and oximetry. This allows for patients to be examined at home
while experiencing the atmosphere of a one-on-one consultation.

What is your approach to crosssector communication?

‘In today’s care, patients often receive medical treatment from various physicians at different sites. Patient records are typically fragmented in the individual care organisations, or their use may be restricted to a single care provider. Cisco’s Medical Data Exchange Solution (MDES) helps to create an intelligent infrastructure, resulting in a patient-centric view of clinical informationacross systems. The solutioneliminates the operational costs of
manual transport or proprietary healthinformation exchanges (HIE).‘In the context of telehealth, CiscoWebEx helps specialists collaborateand share information. A global Ciscosurvey has demonstrated that themajority of healthcare specialistsjudge those technologies crucial forthe enhancement of expertise thatfacilitate efficient data exchange andallow personal contact despite physicaldistance.
‘Cisco solutions can be deployed anywhere. Based on an intelligent network, they are scalable and easy to expand. Our portfolio contains all elements for an integrated end-to-end solution – from network to terminal
devices. Borderless network components, as well as Unified Communications products, are based on open standards; this makes it easier to integrate third-party solutions, and ensures protection of investments.

Which reference hospitals have implemented Cisco solutions?

‘Real-life cases demonstrate the significant benefits in clinical routine. At the Elisabeth Herzberge Hospital in Berlin, physicians conduct their meetings using video-conferencing. ‘When doing their rounds, patient information is entered directly into the hospital information system; no subsequent revision of patient data is necessary. ‘At that hospital, voice and video communication runs via one central Cisco network that transports medical images, patient demographics and also laboratory results. ‘In the University Hospital in Essen, Cisco’s Unified Wireless Network is used to monitor patient data; staff can check patient data anywhere. ‘At the Unfallkrankenhaus in Berlin,
physicians use videoconferencing systems from Cisco for telemedicine. 50,000 teleradiology exams are done there each year.’

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