The dual-use stethoscope

Emergency care doctors can now use just one stethoscope to tend either paediatric or adult patients.

Photo: The dual-use stethoscope

The manufacturer of the ER Premier reports that both adult and paediatric sides of the equipment have an ultra-sensitive diaphragm, sealed by a diaphragm retaining ring to optimise amplification and high frequency transmission of heart/lung sounds at 100-1,000 Hz. Combined dual acoustic PVC tubes have an enlarged internal acoustic pathway in the Y configuration to sustain acoustic transmission quality and eliminate internal acoustic leakage and external interference. 
The stethoscope, which comes with an ErgonoMax Headset, also has a stainless steel, cardiology-type dual head/chest piece and full-rotational acoustic valve stem.

Additional ComfortSeal Eartips, ultra-sensitive diaphragms, a Cardiology Bell Conversion and an ID tag.Bell Conversion to transform the stethoscope into a Classic Cardiology Stethoscope, are included.


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