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News • Managing coronavirus testing

Successful pilot study for new COVID-19 screening management software

With COVID-19 testing an important part of controlling the spread of the virus, finding an effective software system to manage the testing process and collate the results, on a national level and individually within businesses, hospitals, care-homes and schools etc., is essential.

Thomson Screening developed SchoolScreener Imms in order to manage health testing within schools, but with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the company received a grant from Innovate UK Funding to adapt its existing software to deliver automated, audible and scalable administration of large scale COVID-19 testing including patient feedback and outcome analytics.

portrait of michael ter berg
Michael Ter-Berg

The C19 Screener software, which manages (not administers) the tests, has now been successfully trialled through a pilot project. This pilot finished on time, on budget and achieved all its goals of demonstrating the capabilities of the test manager. It is now ready for integration into the Government’s testing plans. “Testing is a key part of controlling the spread of the virus, especially as we return to school and work. However, testing is only useful when it is properly managed and tracked. If you miss people, or record the wrong results, or don’t test frequently enough, it loses its efficacy. C19 Screener helps to manage this process and allows the user to integrate and analyse the data.” Says Thomson Screening co-founder Michael Ter-Berg.

Thomson COVID-19 Test Manager is a software platform that enables testing providers to scale irrespective of where, how and what test is carried out. Functions include automated reporting at local and national level for bodies including Public Health, Community Health and Employers with data reporting into other systems, as required. A separate module using questionnaire and risk assessment methodology enables local residents to self-report COVID-19 symptoms with automated reporting to local (or national) Public Health and the ability to automatically push out messaging specific to the individual with symptoms.

The same software system can also be used to manage a vaccination programme when appropriate. “The pilot was a success and clearly demonstrated the capabilities of our COVID-19 Test Manager software. Now we are just waiting for the Government to decide on the best testing process and mechanism. Once that is confirmed we can start to integrate C19 Screener into nationwide testing as well as helping individual businesses, schools and hospitals manage their testing, which in turn will help us tackle the virus and slow its spread.” Explained Marta Kalas, co-founder of Thomson Screening Solutions Ltd. 

Source: Thomson Screening Solutions Ltd.


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