Starled 5 LED lamp for the operating room

Photo: Starled 5  LED lamp for the operating room

Starled 5 is part of the ACEM Medical Company’s Starled series, ‘and, as the whole range is made with LED technology (light emitting diodes),’ the firm reports that this ‘is an extraordinary light source which is becoming more and more popular for its reduced dimensions, duration in time, low energy consumption, high performance, lack of heat and excellent colour rendering index.’
The LED technology guarantees a light beam without IR (infrared) rays hence eliminating heat under the lamp and on surgeons’ heads, ACEM adds. ‘The 50 LEDs are circularly positioned around the handle, generating a light spot of 21 cm at one metre, with a high illumination level of 135.000 lux (160.000 lux optional) for a steady life cycle of about 50.000 hours. Starled 5 guarantees a colour rendering index of 95 (cri) with a colour temperature of 4.900 °k. These two values allow reproduction of the exact chromatic scale of the colours of the human body.’
To achieve the necessary illumination of the surgical field, the light can produce a focused illumination as well as a uniform ambient one due to a manual focusing system in its central handle.
A new light-up system (invented by ACEM), which has particular beams of light coming from the upper part of the lamp, offers perfect visualisation of the surgical field, making the lamp suitable for minimally invasive surgery, the firm adds.
Starled 5 also can be integrated with a video camera in the lamp’s central handle (or on a separate arm). There are also various configurations available, according to needs.



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