Orbis project: FIRST phase concluded

Italy — After five months' work, the first installation phase of Agfa's hospital and clinical information system (HIS/CIS) Orbis for the Gruppo Malzoni (Malzoni Group of hospitals), has been completed at the Clinica Medica Malzoni, in Avellino, and staff are already working with the system.

Agfa reports that four Orbis modules (Master Data & Security, Ward Graphic, Medical Documentation and Order Entry & Result Reporting) were installed in the hospital’s obstetric-gynaecology department, which has 90 beds in two different sites.

In the second project phase, the Agfa HealthCare HIS will be rolled out to the other hospital wards, the Laboratory Information System (LIS) of the hospital group will be interfaced and Agfa HealthCare’s RIS/PACS (Radiology Information System / Picture Archiving and Communication System) will be implemented. 

In the third and final phase, other clinical modules of Orbis are to be implemented.
The Malzoni Hospital Group, one of the largest private healthcare groups in southern Italy, and user of Agfa HealthCare’s CR solutions (Computed Radiography), directly or indirectly controls over 500 in-patient beds and a series of out-patient facilities in the Campania region. 

Agfa speculates that, apart from the fact that Orbis is already used by 400,000 people daily, in  750 hospital sites throughout Europe, Malzoni chose the firm as an IT partner due to the conceptual design of the core system of Orbis. ‘It is inherently based on processes, with macro- and micro-workflows and functions that can be tailored to the specific needs of its hospitals. The group now has the possibility of creating control nodes for its key processes, resulting in direct trace-ability and accountability of all decisions and interventions. An additional reason for the hospital group to opt for Orbis is that the core system can be easily connected to all existing departmental systems currently in use in the group.’

Apart from full-documentation of medical care, and trace-ability, Antonio Pernice, Managing Director of the Malzoni Group, said: ‘It also enables us to easily analyse the response times and draw our attention in case of organisational bottlenecks….  enabling us to permanently fine-tune our current processes.’

Ruggero Lietti, Agfa HealthCare Cluster Manager, Italy & Greece, also pointed out: ‘With Orbis, the Malzoni Group will be able to introduce the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) throughout the hospital group.’


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