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New medical 3D scanner will be shown at KIMES fairs in Seoul

Big reveal is going to happen at KIMES fairs in Seoul. SMARTTECH together with its Korean Distributor, the KAIS Company, will present the 3D scanning technologies dedicated to medicine. KIMES provides attendants with the opportunity to identify and confirm the great potential and prospect of the future medical industry as well as the latest medical industry trend as a venue where 1,200 domestic and overseas manufacturers show the new technology and new products. It will become the venue for the communication to present that latest medical information and technology to keep up with the fast developing medical market.

The triangle mesh from the selected point cloud
The triangle mesh from the selected point cloud
KIMES South Korea Logo
KIMES South Korea Logo
Source: KIMES

The KAIS Company – as a Korean partner of SMARTTECH – is going to present at KIMES (March 16-19) a new medical 3D scanner named scan3Dmed 2017. Due to growing interest from health and security sectors, SMARTTECH decided to design a new device for the medicine. 3D scanning is an innovative technology used on every day basis in industry is still very new for the medicine.  Non-industrial specialists require a user-friendly 3D scanner giving reliable and accurate results. There’s no time for long preparation of the 3D scanner before taking measurement of the patient. SMARTTECH technology allows both fast measurement and plug & scan process meaning that the scanner is ready to work after taking it out from the case. This is possible due to manufacturer permanent calibration that assures metrologically referential results.

Scan3Dmed 2017 is an innovative future of medical 3D scanning

The new scan3Dmed 2017 scanner is a very accurate device. It’s worth to note that 3D scanning as a process is incomparable to traditional methods due differences in data gathering accuracy. Scan3Dmed 2017 provides unique experiences by allowing to create a comprehensive digital representation of the patient. Accumulated records can be infinitely duplicated and shared with research centers around the world, revolutionizing the way of obtaining data in medicine

Safe of use is guaranteed by measurement method based on LED structured light, which allows to get complex information in the safeties possible way for the patient and the doctor as well. There is no laser or physical contact involved during the scanning. The patient will not get any uncomfortable feeling due to the complete contactless measurement method.

The device is also handy thanks to the use of LED display to scan and control at the same time. Touchscreen technology allows comfortable work without any sophisticated measurement knowledge from the operator. The intuitive software interface helps provide data analysis with full understanding from the doctor’s side as well as the patient’s side. Integrated CPU eliminates the need of having a separated computer to operate the device. 3D scanner has been fully combined with the very fast and efficient processing unit. Thanks to the new multithreaded SMARTTECH software, data calculation and precise analysis can be done during patient’s single visit.

As there’s no time for long preparation, scan3Dmed 2017 is the fastest structured light scanner on the market. The device is able to measure over 5 million points that represent the scanned surface within 0,2 second. It’s not only less than taking x-ray photo, but also entirely harmless.

Swiftness doesn’t conflict with photorealistic quality. With 2590x2048 camera resolution, SMARTTECH scan3Dmed 2017 brings colorful data about the shape and color of the scanned surface. The scan3D med line is factory calibrated. Therefore the digital measurement is metrologically approved. The cloud of points that represent the scanned surface has an accuracy of up to 0,06 mm.

Application of 3D scanning in the modern medicine

Application of 3D scanning is a big innovation for the medicine. The result of 3D scanning enables possibility to create a visualization. Using the panoramically merged results, the doctor can create a virtual model of the body and then do all types of measurements, what can become very helpful during the treatment planning. Other examples shows, that 3D scanning help with creating a plan of an operation, a detailed dimensional analysis of skin lesions or to create a project of prosthesis.

3D scanners can also be used in medical aesthetic. Smile & Beauty is the clinic specializes in, among other things, the production of its own skin creams. One of the many applications of the skin creams is the treatment of skin lesions, such as scars, discolorations, pimples, or keloids. In this particular medical application, one of the SMARTTECH 3D medical scanner helps with keloids treatment. The keloids, also known as keloidal scars, occurs as a result of even mild skin wounds, such as common acne, a scratch, piercing or a burn. Due accumulation of collagen, the wound doesn’t heal properly and instead the scar swells and overgrows, changing the shape of the skin. One of the main methods of treating keloids is the use of ointments with salicylic acid or silicone gels.

The clinic Smile & Beauty uses the SMARTTECH 3D scanner to accurately measure the effectiveness of its preparations. 3D scanning takes place in the room of the medical aesthetics specialist thanks to the use of structured-light as a measuring method. This method of measurement is not only fast but also completely safe and non-invasive. All SMARTTECH scanners can be used without any metrological knowledge.

After scanning, data were transferred to SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software, which allows to analyze the data obtained by the scanner. In order to accurately calculate the surface of skin lesions, the scanner’s operator has to extract them from the rest of the healthy surface that was obtained. Since the scanned area contains pimples that have the same colour as the keloids, the better method to use is manual selection. It’s based on manually selecting the desired points the available options of selection (brush, circle, polygon or lasso). It can takes around five minutes to do this. After choosing the desired area, the scanner creates a new cloud of points representing only the selected area and then convert it to a triangle mesh. Having the triangle mesh opens the possibility to very easily calculate the exact surface by selecting the whole or part of the mesh and clicking the “Area” in the tab “triangles”. In keloids treatment by Smile & Beauty Clinic, the scanning process will be repeated after 2 months from the first scanning. In this time the patient will undertake an experimental ointments treatment that is based on medical grade silicone.

It’s just one of the example how medical 3D scanners can be used in a medicine. The possibilities of creating virtual patient model are enormous and can help with many challenges that must be faced by the modern medicine. Other examples of the scan3Dmed 2017 will be shown at incoming KIMES fairs. The SMARTTECH 3D company is going to show  a new and innovative way of 3D scanning. Visit us at booth L-136 on KIMES in Seul between March 16 and 19 to discover the possibilities of the new most advanced medical 3D scanner!

Source: press release SMARTTECH


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