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New CT tubes deliver excellent performance and support patient throughput

Dunlee, a leading provider of CT, X-ray, MR, and 3D-printed tungsten products for the OEM market and CT tubes for the replacement market, continues to add to its wide CT tube portfolio with the introduction of the CT5000 mid-level CT tube and the CTR1600 series entry-level CT tubes.

These tubes are manufactured to Dunlee’s exacting standards and boast excellent performance in their market categories. The tubes join a portfolio that includes CTR tubes, the CT4000 and CT6000, and the recently introduced CT8000, which provides wide coverage of up to 16 cm in a single rotation.

CT5000 designed for image quality and patient throughput

The CT5000 tube spins at 200 rpm, to better image moving organs and to support high patient throughput. In addition to xDFS (X-deflection), it features zDFS (Z-deflection), enabling improved imaging for sharp and detailed visualization. zDFS also allows doubling of slices without the need for a larger detector. The tube’s cable connections are on a single side, making it easy to integrate and service.

To speed up the time to market, the CT5000 is offered in the Xceed bundle, which also includes a generator and cooling unit that have been tested together, as well as color-coded cables and manuals.

CTR1600 series supports flexibility in system design

The focal spot sizes combined with the tubes’ fast gantry rotation capabilities enable high image quality

Stephen Deng

The CTR1600 series tubes are an excellent choice for CT manufacturers building an entry-level CT system designed for general diagnostic examinations. Its compact design delivers flexibility when building and retrofitting CT gantries. “We’ve made the CTR1600 series tubes easy to integrate in a variety of designs, and offer it at a price point for entry level systems,” says Stephen Deng, Sales Director, China. “The focal spot sizes combined with the tubes’ fast gantry rotation capabilities enable high image quality.”

The CTR1600 series tubes are available alone, or in the Xplore bundle, which also includes an integrated and calibrated generator, cooling unit, color-coded cables and manuals.


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