Light up your exams and minor ops

LED Soled15 lighting supplements the Starled Series of lamps manufactured by Acem Medical Company from Bologna, Italy.

Photo: Light up your exams and minor ops

The firm reports that this model has ‘…excellent light intensity; IR-free light beam; colour temperature (CCT) of 4.500 °K; a colour rendering index (CRI) of 95; long life and low power consumption.

‘The high technological level combined with the use of high-powered LEDs allow Soled15 to have a very linear yield and a negligible performance decay for its entire life duration,’ Acem adds. ‘Thanks to the high efficiency achieved, Soled15 has a light intensity of 65.000 Lux (80.000 Lux with “Boost” function) and a low power consumption (16W).

‘The LEDs layout gives visual comfort and produces a uniform, homogeneous and shadowless light.’

Soled15’s roundness contributes to its easy movement and suitability for diagnostics and test labs and the easy-to-grip, removable, autoclavable handle makes it suitable even for critical sanitary applications, the firm points out.

All the lamp’s functions – light intensity adjustment, parts selection (SEL), brightness increase (Boost), are controlled via the I-Sense touch panel. That ‘SEL’ function is new. Using it, you can select single parts of the light beam and activate the desired LEDs in a sequential way according to your needs.

‘Boost’ is used to reach a maximum light intensity when the light field is wide. This approximate 20% increase deactivates automatically after five minutes.

Soled15 can be ceiling, wall, trolley mounted (battery on demand) – just make your choice.



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