iNtuition from TeraRecon delivers at the speed of care

TeraRecon, Inc. announced new innovations to Aquarius iNtuition solution at the 22nd European Congress of Radiology, March 4-8, 2010 in Vienna, Austria.

TeraRecon’s iNtuition is at the forefront of technology evolution, at once providing enterprise-wide access to, and advanced processing and visualization of, the latest imaging data.

 Medical imaging in the second decade of the 21st century will rely heavily on advanced visualization and intelligent data-mining and decision support” said Robert Taylor, Ph.D., president and CEO. “Already, today, our solutions have become mission-critical due to the prominence of CT, MR and PET imaging modalities, and the fundamental requirement that fast, efficient and reliable tools be available for the prompt interpretation of such examinations. Such needs are not well-addressed by conventional image management systems.”
“Accordingly, every imaging practice should plan carefully for the advanced visualization strategy. An important pitfall to avoid is the assumption that the solution provided as standard with a CT scanner or PACS system will meet the need in this critical area. Rather, a specific strategy is required and TeraRecon’s iNtuition solution can help meet this need, for every situation from a simple, single-modality center to a multi-vendor, multi-specialty, multi-site enterprise. We encourage all ECR attendees to visit our exhibit to learn more about the potential that can be unlocked by adopting a coherent strategy based on true iNtuition”, Robert Taylor stated.
Based on the company’s unique and pioneering thin-client / server-based technology, TeraRecon’s iNtuition is a proven solution providing real-time interactive visualization and analysis, backed up by extensive zero-click intelligence that automatically analyzes the stream of image data arriving and derives meaningful content to streamline and enhance the interpretation process. iNtuition provides a broad spectrum of advanced applications to support the processing, interpretation and distribution of CT, MR, PET and other advanced imaging studies, through an architecture designed to span the entire enterprise in harmony with the other key systems participating in the imaging informatics workflow, such as PACS, RIS, EMR and the acquisition modalities themselves.
iNtuition leverages the most powerful server-based rendering technology available on the market today to provide support for more advanced users than any other competing solution, from a smaller server footprint. Thin client access is supported in a variety of forms, from the advanced iNtuition client for a radiology power user, to the zero-footprint AquariusWEB client and support for mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad that can provide flexible access to referring physicians and surgeons who rely on such advanced imaging information and the support of their radiology colleagues to manage therapy and follow-up for patients in their care. New innovations on display at ECR 2010 will include the ability to utilize the iNtuition software on a laptop disconnected from any network, access to the full suite of clinical tools through a web browser with SSL security, API-free integration to EMR systems via web services and a wide variety of enhancements to the clinical applications available.
Robert Taylor concluded, “We have learned through our experience in the real world of imaging practice that in addition to the core requirements that images be processed, interpreted, reported and stored, there is a burning need for a fast, accessible, and flexible visualization solution that enables technologists, interpreting physicians, treating physicians and patients themselves to access rich and meaningful information at the speed of care. iNtuition meets and exceeds this challenge and we look forward to showcasing these advances at ECR 2010.”


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