Integrated OR and hygiene belong together

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Integrated OR and hygiene belong together

According to the German Federal Ministry of Health, 400,000 to 600,000 patients are diagnosed with hospital-acquired infections every year. The treatment of these nosocomial diseases is complex. Hygiene is a must, especially in the operating room. The IT environment should be designed accordingly.

Rein Medical offers hardware and software solutions that turn the operating room into a digital high-performance center and guarantee the hygienic requirements of the medical environment. The wall monitors and workstations of the Operion series offer exactly these features. "The flexible and hygienic glass design of our wall consoles ensures seamless integration into any operating room – with its extensive portfolio and installation options, the right solution can be found for every spatial situation," explains Markus Killian, Product Manager of Wall Integration Solutions.

Enclosed PCs and monitors


Image source: Rein Medical

Computers and monitors can become a hygiene risk. "Conventional computers and monitors have fan systems in addition to gaps, cracks and open screw connections," explains Gernot Schnock, Product Manager for encapsulated monitor and PC solutions at Rein Medical. "This allows dust and microorganisms to enter the interior of the system, multiply there and then be released back into the environment."

"PC systems and monitors must be easy to disinfect, have suitable surfaces and do without fan systems," says the Product Manager, formulating the requirements for medical devices in sensitive environments of healthcare facilities. Rein Medical has paid special attention to a hygienic design for all devices. "We do away with ventilation slits, equip our devices with an IP65-protected front and coat them with the germicidal powder coating Polyflex Steridur, which enables easy wipe-down disinfection," explains Gernot Schnock. The powder coating is enriched with special nanoscale molecules that prevent the build-up and reactivity of harmful microbes and is permanently antibacterial. The effect is maintained over many years.

Hygienic input devices

Hygienic IT devices, such as keyboards and mice, also help to prevent nosocomial infections. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) warns that conventional keyboards cannot usually be reliably disinfected because of their complicated structure. The Medigenic medical keyboards and mice from Rein Medical, on the other hand, make it easier to comply with specified hygiene standards thanks to fast cleaning and moisture resistance. "The flat, ergonomic and hygienic keyboard design with IP65 protection and an abrasion-resistant and removable surface allows for quick cleaning with all approved hospital disinfectants. The moisture-resistant silicone-based surface is waterproof, latex-free and extremely durable," says Christian Willms, Product Manager for Distribution Products at Rein Medical, describing the advantages of the special keyboard.An integrated cleaning alarm reminds the operating personnel of the necessary disinfection and automatically detects when cleaning is complete.

The Medigenic scroll-mouse is, just like the keyboards, suitable for common hospital cleaning agents for surface disinfection, as it is made of flexible silicone material.

Integrated OR

Both local single-user and complex network installations are possible. The complete solution is tailored precisely to the customer's individual needs

Michael Heuer

Smart OR plays the leading role in an integrated OR. “If, for example, images and videos are to be distributed, recorded and managed in the OR or beyond, Smart OR offers the ideal solution," says Michael Heuer, head of development for Rein Medical's software solution. "From a single workstation where image and audio data from local sources must be documented, to image distribution, archiving and streaming in complex networks, Smart OR is the right choice."

The targeted control of environmental components and workflows enables clinic-wide streaming and editing of videos and images as well as direct patient assignment. "We guarantee the connection of central directory services and the creation of individual profiles for different users. Both local single-user and complex network installations are possible. The complete solution is tailored precisely to the customer's individual needs," explains Michael Heuer.


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