Increased International cooperation between COCIR, JIRA and MITA

Last week, DITTA, the organization of medical trade associations COCIR (Europe), JIRA (Japan) and MITA (United States) held a two-day international regulatory meeting. The associations discussed ways to improve the global regulatory environment for the medical imaging, radiation therapy and health IT industries to ensure that member companies remain at the forefront of technological innovation and maintain continued success in the global marketplace.

Photo: Increased International cooperation between COCIR, JIRA and MITA

The leadership of COCIR, JIRA and MITA then travelled to Geneva to present at the World Health Organization’s (WHO) meeting on medical technology. This presentation illustrated DITTA’s strength as the only global association which can exclusively represent medical imaging, radiation therapy and healthcare IT manufacturers. The presentation also confirmed industry’s pledge to continue to develop innovative technologies that improve quality, safety and access to healthcare while driving cost efficiency.

These joint activities demonstrated COCIR, JIRA and MITA’s ongoing commitment to work together to limit unnecessary regulatory burdens, harmonize regulatory frameworks and promote the use of international standards to encourage innovation, expand market access and promote global competitiveness. In the months ahead, the associations will continue to combine their strengths through DITTA to leverage their
expertise with governments and international stakeholders in order to promote policies which improve patient access to lifesaving medical imaging, radiation therapy and healthcare IT technologies.


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