Health IT connects global as more nations integrate with 'IHE Inside'

Leaders from electronic health programs in 22 countries attended the first-ever IHE World Summit to take on the challenges of advancing patient care in the digital era.

Photo: Health IT connects global as more nations integrate with IHE Inside

Ministry of Health representatives, eHealth program directors, hospital managers,consultants, vendors and IHE enthusiasts attended two days of sessions sharing successes and lessons learned implementing interoperability to assure the effective and safe exchange of patient information. Systems that comply with the technical frameworks developed by Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) can exchange data seamlessly with other IHE-compliant systems.

"From every corner of the world we heard how more nations, more regions and more hospitals are building health information systems with IHE inside," said Jürgen Brandstätter, representing the Global Deployment Coordination Committee of IHE International, which coordinated this inaugural event.
Panelists described programs using IHE that are currently underway in Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea and the United States. Europe was well-represented by program leaders from Austria, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

"The fact that today we can hold a successful international congress demonstrates the increasing adoption of IHE interoperability profiles," said Lapo Bertini, Co-Chair of IHEEurope. Hosted by IHE-Turkey, the World Summit was sponsored by IHE-Europe and IHE International, a not-for-profit association that coordinates activities for affiliated organizations in Europe, North America, and Asia.

The IHE World Summit was held in parallel with the European Connectathon, a five-day 'connectivity marathon' where this year 330 software engineers tested interoperability for 102 healthcare information systems from 76 organizations.

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