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Germany - The Walldorf-based firm InterComponentWare AG (ICW) launched its hospital networking solution for electronic patients' records (EPR) at MEDICA 2005, reporting that the system can connect existing but so far isolated hospital information systems (HIS) without having to change currently used software.

Photo: EPR includes images

Now the firm has enhanced this by integrating the Chili webserver, which enables access to digital images in DICOM format in a uniform viewer. Images, such as CT, MRT, and ultrasound scans, can be viewed and edited as usual (e.g. zooming in, setting the contrast and performing measurements).  In addition, Chili’s remote radiology functions can be used via ICW’s virtual patient record. For teleconferencing, physicians also can select a virtual patient record and click to obtain the desired image and connection.

The webserver is made by Chili GmbH, which develops software components for imaging in radiology, cardiology, pathology etc. Chili has installed around 200 of these systems in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the USA, and is actively involved in the standardisation committees of the German Radiology Society and the DIN. Dr Uwe Engelmann, one of Chili’s three founders, explained that systems covering all aspects of sector-spanning communication need to be integrated to meet future needs, but there are hardly any manufacturers that can cover such a broad spectrum alone. Chili needed to find a partner with a powerful, open platform for healthcare integration, hence the partnership with ICW.

ICW, located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria and the USA, is also part of the German government-consulting consortium bIT4health, and has provided consulting services for the introduction of the electronic health card in Germany. In addition, the firm is involved in the Austrian eCard project.
Source: ICW


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