celebrates first decade 1-4 October 2008

The programme for this year's European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) - its 10th gathering - covers a far broader range of topics than before. During over 20 plenary sessions, forums and workshops, with about 120 lectures, key topics that embrace European and the national health politics of EU member states will be presented and discussed by experts.

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To be included:
l    Europe on the way to a standardised healthcare market? The new EU guideline on patient rights and trans-national healthcare
l    More coordination and integration: Modern information technology improves the care of the chronically ill
l    Increased patient safety and improvement in the quality of care as central challenges for healthcare in the 21st century
l    Why social and economic disparities can prevent better health for all and what we can do against this
l    The responsibilities of positions in the healthcare profession in a changing healthcare environment
l    Smoking bans, food labelling and alcohol abuse: How more prevention and EU initiatives can prevent the development of diseases at an earlier stage
l    Rare diseases and orphan drugs: EU measures help to improve the healthcare for people with rare diseases
l    Health and innovations – biotechnology, new vaccines and their financing
The EHFG has initiated a new European Health Forum Award, to promote health policy initiatives that have contributed significantly in Europe to meet healthcare challenges, such as the inequality and disparity in health status, access to services and the provision of treatment within Europe. (Entry is now closed.)


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