DX-D Direct Radiography family welcomes new arrivals

Agfa HealthCare announces today that it will be showcasing some of the latest arrivals to its DX-D Direct Radiography family with two works in progress: the DX-D 100 and the DX-D 10C.

 The DX-D 100 is a works in progress, fully motorized mobile DR X-ray unit. This heavy-duty mobile DR solution can be used with several portable Agfa HealthCare DR detectors, such as the DX-D 20G. The solution is supported by MUSICA2, Agfa HealthCare's gold standard image processing software for superior image quality and makes use of its established NX platform for smooth workflow. The DX-D 100 is operated from a 15 inch touch screen and has superior battery autonomy to handle heavy workloads when needed. The DX-D 100 will be displayed next to the company's DX-D 500 ceiling suspended DR solution and the DX-D 300 U-arm DR system at ECR 2010.

At ECR 2010 Agfa HealthCare will also display its DX-D 10C portable detector with needle crystals, as a work in progress. The benefit of Agfa HealthCare's DX-D 10C is that it has the size of a film cassette, fitting perfectly into an existing analog bucky. System integrators can therefore use this detector (or another one from Agfa HealthCare's extensive DR detector range) to transform analog X-ray units into digital with Agfa HealthCare's DX-D Integrator Packages. These contain an acquisition workstation running the NX software, including the company's leading MUSICA2 image processing and a DX-D detector. The combination of needle (Cesium Iodide) scintillator and MUSICA2 will provide the potential to yield high quality diagnostic images at lower dose.

"When Agfa HealthCare expanded its portfolio into the DR market, we were serious about providing some of the best quality solutions in a broad portfolio offering", states Hans Vandewyngaerde, Vice President Europe at Agfa HealthCare. "At ECR we are delivering on that promise by showcasing the latest arrivals in our DR family, and the future of our DR portfolio in general."

"When we first looked at the development of the DX-D 100 and 10C, a key requirement was that both solutions would meet our high standards in terms of delivering productivity and workflow improvement benenfits, combined with very high image quality," states Dirk Debusscher, Vice President Imaging at Agfa HealthCare. "This was achieved through the combined benefits of our advanced DR needle technology, our NX workstation and MUSICA2 image enhancement solution. We are confident that these works in progress will continue to meet and exceed our customers' expectations, today and in the future."


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