Data Protection Regulation

COCIR urges harmonised enforcement of the DPR

COCIR welcomes the adoption of the European Data Protection Regulation (DPR). However, in order for the Regulation to deliver on its objectives, it is crucial that EU Member States move rapidly towards a harmonised interpretation and enforcement of its provisions. This will pave the way for growth, innovation and a data-driven healthcare sector.

Photo: COCIR urges harmonised enforcement of the DPR

Data driven healthcare will deliver more accessible and better-coordinated health services, improve health outcomes and accelerate the development of personalised medicine. However, effective governance mechanisms and strong coordination between National Data Protection Authorities will be essential in ensuring that this new Regulation succeeds in balancing protection of citizens’ privacy with encouraging innovation, research and market growth in the healthcare sector.

Nicole Denjoy, COCIR Secretary General, said; “We call on the European Data Protection Board to engage with industry and other relevant stakeholders at EU level at the earliest opportunity. This approach will ensure that the new data protection regulatory framework will enable innovation in the healthcare sector and contribute to the development of the Digital Single Market.”

Source: COCIR


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