Clinical process management

Agfa HealthCare will present leading healthcare IT and imaging solutions, focusing on clinical process management

At MEDICA this year, Agfa HealthCare is demonstrating a …"balanced mix of information about market-leading solutions and innovations for healthcare IT and medical imaging and plenty of opportunity to exchange opinions about market developments".

Agfa HealthCare’s HIS/CIS headquarters in Bonn
Agfa HealthCare’s HIS/CIS headquarters in Bonn

Clinical ORBIS Applications
Agfa’s focus is particularly on clinical process support, presenting a new process management solution for intensive care units (ICUs) in a realistic setting. ORBIS ICU Manager allows intensive care units (ICUs) to take advantage of electronic online documentation that is simple, fast and user-friendly, the company reports. ‘The solution takes into account comprehensive processes using shift models and incorporates documentation standards and quality assurance methodologies such as DGAI/DIVI.’
In terms of intersectoral communication, ORBIS ePortal allows external parties access to confidential patient-related data, e.g. private practitioners involved in treating patients. Practitioners may access patient data already entered into the electronic patient record (EPR) or contribute information to the EPR. ‘The developers paid particular attention to avoiding redundancies in data management and integrating user management functionalities into ORBIS’ central database.’
Presented for the first time is the ORBIS InfoService, which has an innovative design allowing clinic physicians to access expert knowledge in both a focused and speedy manner. ‘Taking advantage of a new ORBIS functionality, they have the option of researching diagnosis-related literature cited in professional articles in Pubmed. In addition, they have access to the medical information presented in selected German-language textbooks.’

Musica2: Radiology images never looked better
Musica2, which replaces Agfa HealthCare’s leading image processing software Musica (Multi-Scale Image Contrast Amplification), enhances image quality on an unprecedented scale, Agfa points out. ‘The image processing software provides for highly professional stable processes in radiological imaging and image processing.’
Imaging Informatics features IMPAX Mobile, which brings radiology images to patients’ beds.
In addition,’ Agfa continues, ‘the spotlight is on integrated digital X-ray workstation DX-Si, combining off-line detector system DX-S, traditional X-ray equipment, and acquisition workstation. DX-Si’s special features include flexible, improved, and patient-friendly handling and excellent image quality.’

An international spread in HIS and RIS/PACS
At Medica, Agfa HealthCare presents itself as one of Europe’s and the world’s leading providers of IT-enabled clinical workflow and diagnostic imaging solutions for healthcare institutions, and medical archiving and document management systems. Worldwide, some 50% of hospitals already work with Agfa HealthCare products and systems,’ the company points out, adding: ‘The ORBIS Hospital Information System (HIS) is number one all over Europe, counting some 770 installations in the German-speaking countries alone. Agfa HealthCare’s RIS (Radiology Information System) and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) solutions are also at the top of the European market. And vendor-neutral HYDMedia archiving and communication solution is Germany’s most successful medical archiving and document management system, installed at more than 140 healthcare providers.’
Agfa Healthcare now employs around 5,700 and has distributed its products in over 100 countries.


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