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Net auto-transmission of patient data

The Biotronik Home Monitoring Service, which gained CE approval in May, has now monitored over 1,500 patients worldwide. Studies indicate that 88% of patients claim an increased sense of security due to the service.

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This mobile, internet-based, automatic therapy management system for pacemaker and ICD patients enables a physician to access the patient’s data at any time over a secure internet connection, evaluate the data, and initiate therapy as needed. If severe cardiac events occur, the doctor is notified via email, fax, or SMS. Prior to the launch of this system, remote monitoring was carried out by fax transmission.

Biotronik implants automatically transmit data to the CardioMessenger, a cell phone-like patient device, weighing just 220-g (8 oz) and measuring 6x13x4 cm (2.4x5.2x1.6 inches) No active patient participation is necessary, other than ensuring the device is charged.

Details: Dr H-J Wildau. Phone +49 (030) 6 89 05 - 332


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