Agfa HealthCare anniversary at RSNA 2017
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Agfa HealthCare anniversary at RSNA 2017

Agfa HealthCare celebrates 150 years of expertise and innovation at RSNA 2017, showcasing its contemporary solutions' direct impact on productivity and costs. Demonstrations of "Care You Can See" include highlighting the company's signature integrated platform approach to elevate medical imaging as network-wide assets throughout the continuum of care.

Professionals attending RSNA 2017 will join in the celebration of Agfa HealthCare's 150 year anniversary with demonstrations of how the company's solutions create new cost efficiencies that allow for secure access to patient information and the delivery of high quality care. The company's exhibition theme 150 Years of Evidence will feature hands-on demonstrations and case study discussions of the impact on patient care delivered by the company's visionary Enterprise Imaging platform and high quality image processing solutions.

The portfolio extends from dynamic imaging powered by the world-renowned, patented MUSICA image processing, to the award-winning converged Enterprise Imaging platform with specialized departmental workflow and comprehensive image management services. In-booth demonstrations will highlight how a century-and-a-half of experience has supported the creation of Enterprise Imaging excellence and digital radiography quality.

Empowering the role of the radiologist with tools for stakeholder satisfaction

Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging platform was designed expressly to support the central role that image capture and interpretation play in diagnosis, care, and outcomes. Applying the company's unique combination of deep clinical knowledge and IT experience as a leader in Radiology solutions, the Enterprise Imaging platform is purpose-built to enable Radiologists to practice consultative medicine securely from any location, advancing both patient and referring physician satisfaction.

For example, maximizing the value of images in diagnosis and treatment, the FDA-cleared XERO Xtend adds 3D processing and advanced functionalities to the KLAS award-winning XERO universal viewer.By transitioning to Agfa's Enterprise Imaging solution, customers across the globe are creating a multispecialty patient imaging health record, building the foundation for future proof Radiology and Multispecialty imaging workflows. Hands-on stations of the Enterprise Imaging platform will demonstrate how the solution is helping radiologists improve delivery of quality care with tools for real-time, secure visual collaboration with any stakeholder, advanced analytics and task-based workflow optimization. Platform design features focus on improving productivity, delivering rich applications and bringing Radiology at the forefront in the delivery of evidence based care.

Innovations in AI, mobile and cloud computing to redefine patient and clinician experience

In our 150 years, we have repeatedly proven our commitment to support our customers' strategic goals to deliver quality care

James Jay

Increased focus by care providers on patient outcomes, cost, and efficient delivery models continue to demand innovative approachs to clinical workflow solutions. Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), mobility, and cloud computing are promising to redefine patient and clinician experience and challenge traditional care delivery models. Patients demand interaction that is insightful, personal, tailored to their care, and responsive to their needs. Booth demonstrations will focus on delivering a sense and response healthcare system.

Agfa HealthCare's Enterprise Imaging platform enhances multi-disciplinary collaboration leveraging cloud and mobile technologies, enhances clinical intelligence by leveraging AI and cognitive technologies  to help improve the delivery of patient care and efficiency for clinicians.

"In our 150 years, we have repeatedly proven our commitment to support our customers' strategic goals to deliver quality care. As evidenced in our theme Care You Can See, we continue to enhance the value of medical images with our unique interoperable clinical exchange ecosystem. New for RSNA 2017, we have received FDA clearance for XERO Xtend, which adds 3D processing and advanced clinical applications to the XERO Viewer. This is another step in fostering collaboration and ensuring that images are shared and used as the indispensable assets they are," says James Jay, President, Imaging IT Solutions at Agfa HealthCare.

International recognition of Care You Can See

This year, Agfa HealthCare's XERO Viewer has captured the 2017 KLAS Category Leader Award, and was cited for its performance and reliability. This is not the first time Agfa HealthCare's combination of innovation and evidence has resulted in international recognition. In 2016, for example, Agfa HealthCare received Frost & Sullivan's North American Product Leadership Award for Digital Radiography, highlighting the strong comprehensive performance of its direct radiography (DR) portfolio.

Digital imaging quality that answers real challenges

The new DR 800* multi-purpose digital imaging system, a work in progress, with MUSICA for dynamic image processing also will be on display at RSNA 2017;  The DR 800 solution delivers radiography, fluoroscopy and advanced clinical applications. Its MUSICA high-speed, multi-scale image processing software handles fluoroscopic images with the same high quality and low dose features that have made MUSICA essential to radiology departments around the world.

Agfa HealthCare's Fast Forward to DR program helps providers upgrade their imaging equipment at an affordable cost, often with no capital expense. The flexible program allows healthcare organizations to leverage their existing imaging investments, resulting in higher quality images, the potential for lower radiation dosages when cesium (CsI) based detectors are used, increased productivity, and a smooth, efficient workflow. Fast Forward to DR includes step-by-step, individualized return on investment guidance from Agfa's team of specialists to help the health system get the most from Agfa's high quality digital radiography.

Also highlight at the booth will be the Advanced Clinical Workflow applications that enable multi-disciplinary consultation on a universal viewer linking Digital Radiography in real-time to Enterprise Imaging.

"As a company with a rich history, we continue to innovate", says Louis Kuitenbrouwer, Vice President Imaging at Agfa HealthCare. "With each decade, Agfa HealthCare's MUSICA has been taking image processing to the next level, recently proven by our dynamic imaging software.  This demonstrates our strong commitment to improve productivity, efficiency and image quality while further reducing dose."

Source: Agfa HealthCare

*DR 800 is not available in the U.S. and Canada


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