Agfa at RSNA 2010

Agfa HealthCare is focused on providing excellent imaging solutions to support clinical confidence and improve delivery of health outcomes. At RSNA 2010, the company will demonstrate its engineered solutions that optimize the radiology workflow all along the imaging chain. By bringing the power of IT to radiology, we deliver tools that promote strong collaboration between healthcare providers and advance effective use of information.

As an established supplier of comprehensive and innovative solutions, Agfa HealthCare is ideally positioned to address some of the toughest challenges currently facing the healthcare market. We are dedicated to continually providing solutions for both computed radiography (CR) and direct radiography (DR) to enhance the delivery of patient care, help reduce costs, and increase operational and clinical efficiencies.

At RSNA 2010, we will demonstrate how our strong CR and DR portfolio is addressing the need to deal with a variety of general radiography exams in an optimal way. We will be showcasing the power of CR versatility with the productivity of DR. We have leveraged our imaging know-how to generate digital radiography systems providing excellent image quality. At the heart of all our digital solutions lie Agfa HealthCare's gold standard MUSICA2 imaging software and NX user station. Exam-independent MUSICA2 automatically analyzes the characteristics of each image and optimizes processing parameters - independent of user input and dose settings.

New mobile DR solution DX-D 100 (Work in Progress)

At RSNA 2010, Agfa HealthCare will showcase its fully motorized DX-D 100 mobile DR X-ray unit. This heavy-duty mobile DR solution complements Agfa HealthCare's range of DR solutions. Several portable DR detectors, such as the DX-D 20, can be used with this unit. The solution is supported by MUSICA2, Agfa HealthCare's gold standard image processing software for superior image quality and makes use of its established NX platform for smooth workflow. The DX-D 100 is operated from a 15 inch touch screen and has excellent battery autonomy and generator power, to handle heavy workloads when needed. The DX-D 100 will be displayed next to the company's DX-D 500n ceiling-suspended DR solution.

New floor-mounted DR solution DX-D 400 (Work in Progress)

At RSNA 2010, Agfa HealthCare will showcase its DX-D 400 DR X-ray solution.
This floor-mounted DR solution complements Agfa HealthCare's range of DR solutions. Different configurations are possible from the basic analog with hard console, over manual digital with soft console, up to fully automatic digital with auto-positioning and soft console. The DX-D 400 can be used with film, CR cassettes or with Agfa HealthCare's DR detectors offering a smooth upgrade path to digital.
The solution is supported by MUSICA2, Agfa HealthCare's gold standard image processing software for superior image quality and makes use of its established NX platform for a smooth workflow.
Agfa HealthCare reveals new DX-D 10C retrofit detector at film cassette size (Work in Progress)

Additionally, Agfa HealthCare will display its DX-D 10C portable detector with needle crystals. One benefit of Agfa HealthCare's DX-D 10C is that it has the size of a film cassette, thereby being able to fit into an existing analog bucky. System integrators can therefore use this detector (or another one from Agfa HealthCare's extensive DR detector range) to transform analog X-ray units into digital with Agfa HealthCare's DX-D Integrator Packages. These contain an acquisition workstation running the NX software, including the company's leading MUSICA2 image processing and a DX-D detector. The combination of needle (Cesium Iodide) scintillator and MUSICA2 software will provide the potential to yield diagnostic quality images at lower dose.

Introduction of DX-M*, a CR solution for mammography and general radiology needs

Agfa HealthCare's DX-M is a digital radiography solution able to handle CR mammography, as well as both needle-based detector plates (NIP), and standard phosphor plates (PIP). The solution's ability to read NIP for mammography requirements as well as NIP for general radiography means that the solution meets a market demand for high-quality diagnostic images across needs, and offers potential dose reduction. The dedicated mammography needle-based detector is compatible with existing breast imaging modalities, providing cost efficiency. Its small footprint, fast preview, and user-friendly drop-and-go buffer allows it to deliver a high throughput, enhancing the department's overall workflow. Along with the DX-G, the DX-M solution is Agfa HealthCare's most complete computed radiography system to date.

*Note: Not available in the United States.

CR and hardcopy solutions tailored to match a variety of needs

At RSNA 2010, Agfa HealthCare will show a new lower cost version of its award winning CR system for smaller facilities - the CR 30-X system. Furthermore, Agfa HealthCare will be showing a new version of the SE image management suite that can reside on the same computer that is used as the NX workstation. Also on display are solutions for pediatrics and neonatal* exams and for digital mammography*. All solutions are offered with high-quality DRYSTAR hardcopy imager systems based on the Direct Digital Imaging technology of Agfa HealthCare enhanced with A#Sharp technology resulting in simple, compact and reliable systems with daylight film handling.

*Note: Not available in the United States.

Agfa HealthCare expands portfolio with Contrast Media* solutions

Agfa HealthCare recently announced that it had expanded its current offering of consumables through the acquisition of Insight Agents GmbH in Germany. Insight Agents is a European developer and producer of contrast agents. The expansion into contrast media* is an important step for Agfa HealthCare as it builds and expands its diagnostic imaging portfolio towards future growth opportunities. Insight Agents GmbH develops, produces and distributes generic contrast agents.

*Note: Not available in the United States.

Agfa HealthCare Imaging Informatics

At RSNA 2010, visitors will be among the first to discover and experience Agfa HealthCare's latest IMPAX release, incorporating the IMPAX radiology information system (RIS), picture archiving and communication system (PACS), and reporting solutions in a single web-deployable desktop.

Demonstrations will showcase how Agfa HealthCare's IMPAX solution effectively manages a multitude of tasks; from scheduling, patient check-in, order generation, reading and reporting from inside the radiology department or from remote locations, through to the final report and images being available in a wide array of technologies including inside an electronic medical record (EMR).

New and well-established solutions, including IMPAX RIS, PACS, and Reporting workflow convergence systems and new IMPAX Business Intelligence and Data Mining tools with real-time digital dashboards, powerful reports, alerts, and notification as well as benchmarking, will be highlighted.

Agfa HealthCare will also show how IMPAX is expanding the current boundaries of PACS, beyond the radiology department and into cardiology, orthopaedics, women's care, nuclear medicine and other clinical departments, creating a longitudinal image enabled EMR with the company's IMPAX Data Center and IMPAX Data Center Viewer. The IMPAX Data Center Viewer is powered by Agfa HealthCare's new XERO technology, which requires no download of any kind and serves up images securely in the most popular browsers (i.e. Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox).

Highlighting IMPAX 6.5 - RIS/PACS/Reporting
At RSNA 2010, Agfa HealthCare will be showing the latest version of its advanced IMPAX 6 solution. IMPAX is a sixth generation integrated RIS/PACS workflow solution for data management and reporting, offering improved productivity through its automated worklists, advanced volumetric study management systems, and its ability to be deployed across and beyond the hospital enterprise to wherever radiologists need to report from, including at home.

New to IMPAX 6 this year are advanced features which focus on usability, workflow and productivity, and business intelligence including:
• New guided workflows for extended workflow control with personalized worklist management, advanced priority rules and color-based sorting;
• Intelligent worklist read ahead workflow with the IMPAX local cache acceleration solution, enabling remote and home reporting;
• Mammography tools with full support of the IHE Mammography Image profile solving typical display problems in mixed vendor environments;
• Improved productivity with automated multi-planar Spine Labeling;
• Advancements in clinical applications with fully integrated advanced image processing including IMPAX Registration & Fusion and IMPAX Volume Viewing;
• Improvements in result distribution of images and information to referring physicians at the point of care;
• Additional communication tools to improve the exchange and delivery of vital information including instant messaging with snapshot sharing, voice clip options with access controls, and Key Image Notes;
• New IMPAX Business Intelligence and Data Mining tools with real-time digital dashboards for a more focused management of radiology departments;
• Functionality and workflow enhancements to further improve the management of large volume studies with multiple series, which simplifies multi-planar and cross-sectional navigation;
• Automatically links 'like series' within one study or across multiple studies to make navigation more efficient.

Radiology Information System: IMPAX RIS
Discover the latest release of Agfa HealthCare's leading IMPAX RIS solution at RSNA 2010. This newest generation RIS has already proven its worth on the market and the latest version delivers on increasingly demanding usability expectations from both receptionist and technologist.

From a receptionist's point-of-view, Agfa HealthCare's latest IMPAX RIS features an enhanced overview, to support a more patient-centric experience. This includes automatic display of the pertinent patient and visit details, an easy-to-use and powerful worklist and a customizable preview pane which shows the relevant information of the selected record at a glance.

For technologists, procedure efficiency and data verification have been enhanced by providing a number of new tools, such as a visual indication for available and/or missing information and the inclusion of an exam counter.

The solution's customizable toolbars and buttons enable the IMPAX RIS to be tailored to accommodate specific needs and preferences. More than ever before the IMPAX RIS can help guide and support the user. The task driven features - to, for example, inform the receptionist that the LMP is to be completed at the patient arrival - take the users through their tasks in order and can automate and/or steer actions step by step, add checks, or even block steps in the workflow.

IMPAX Kiosk*, a new introduction at this year's RSNA, improves the patient experience and reduces the waiting time at registration while reducing administrative costs for the organization and minimizing the risk of error. At the self-serve kiosk, the patients can identify themselves, check in, and sign documents electronically.

*Note: Available in the United States and Canada only.

Because technologists are always on the move, the new IMPAX RIS Mobile Worklist allows them to consult patient charts and record the study acquisition wherever the patient is located. Clinical information is at their fingertips in the emergency room, or during portable exams at the patient's bedside. IMPAX RIS Mobile Worklist helps reduce administrative costs for the organization and helps minimize the risk of error by removing the need for the technologist having to 'remember while they walk'.

IMPAX Reporting
Agfa HealthCare's IMPAX Reporting solution provides radiologists with the image, information, and reporting tools they need to streamline their reporting task. This fully embedded solution enables radiology departments to work more efficiently and accurately. Our design is specifically tailored to the radiologists' ever growing need for fast and easy report creation. Having clear and easy access to relevant text and image information allows for more informed decisions and reduced reporting turnaround times.

At RSNA 2010 Agfa HealthCare will showcase the latest evolution of the IMPAX Reporting solution. The Extended Addendum workflows and its customizable templates, together with the on-the-fly personalization of standard texts are just a couple of new features that will be highlighted in the demonstration booths. Be on the lookout for the latest wireless speech microphones, as they will drive Agfa HealthCare's ever-sophisticated speech recognition solution.

The newest TalkStation voice recognition and reporting solution, version 4.1, will highlight Agfa HealthCare's Dictate, Edit, and Sign workflow as well as infrastructure improvements, through the addition of the latest speech engine Nuance Dragon 10.1, Microsoft Windows 7, and Microsoft SQL 2008. The TalkStation 4.1 solution enriches the academic radiology environment and streamlines the radiologist's interpretation tasks, while decreasing the cost and complexity of implementation.

IMPAX Business Intelligence (Work in progress)
Supporting the demand for better decision-making support tools in radiology, Agfa HealthCare is introducing its new solution for Business Intelligence. The system is designed to provide historical, current, and predictive views of operations in the form of real-time dashboards, management reports and ad-hoc queries against an IMPAX data warehouse - all in a single browser. For example, the dashboard can provide an overview of the expected workload or the patient waiting times, and management reports can provide a detailed view on the department activity. The information provided will enable physicians and hospital management to base radiology-related decisions on real-time statistical data, to monitor and measure performance and ultimately streamline radiology operations built on goals and targets.

IMPAX for Breast Imaging (Mammography)
IMPAX for Breast Imaging extends Agfa HealthCare's PACS solution into mammography with unique new features. The solution implements the IHE Mammography Image profile, which solves image display problems typically encountered in mixed vendor environments (orientation, size, justification, consistency of grayscale contrast, completeness of annotations). IMPAX for Breast Imaging is configurable for two distinct workflows: screening and diagnosis.

New to IMPAX for Breast Imaging are several features designed to enable a more confident diagnosis. The solution supports Agfa HealthCare's MUSICA MCE (Micro Calcification Enhancement)* technology, specifically designed for the enhancement of potential microcalcifcations. 1:1 Navigator enables a sector-by-sector review of an image at full resolution, including cursor indication of which quadrant is being viewed. A handy scale-to-fit option enables specialists to view the breast in the largest possible format on the screen. The solution also offers background suppression, displaying a black background after inversion and during window leveling. IMPAX for Breast Imaging also supports enhanced CAD support from leading vendors like ICAD, R2, and Siemens.

*Note: Not available in the United States and Canada.

Enabling physicians to have access to relevant information, IMPAX for Breast Imaging automatically displays relevant data (including Breast US, Full Field Digital Mammography, and Breast MR) based on a variety of user-definable criteria. Relevant prior exams are automatically pre-fetched from the archive management system and sent to the diagnostic review station. The solution is provided with a specially developed keypad to improve the overall workflow speed.

IMPAX Cardiovascular
Built on good clinical practice and scientific evidence in cardiovascular imaging and reporting, Agfa HealthCare's recently enhanced IMPAX Cardiovascular (CV) solution supports clinicians with a single, integrated cardiovascular information system targeted at cardiac catheterization, echocardiography, vascular ultrasound, cardiac CT/CTA review which is SCCT compliant, nuclear cardiology, and ECG data. Clinicians using IMPAX CV experience flexibility from features focused on workflow, integration and connectivity, including structured reports, multimodality cardiovascular image analysis, and vendor-neutral ECG management.

3D, volume imaging and advanced visualization
At RSNA, Agfa HealthCare will highlight both its ability to effectively integrate third party applications into IMPAX as well as its internally developed advanced image processing solutions traditionally reserved for costly and disparate workstations. Agfa HealthCare will offer these visualization tools within the IMPAX workflow and will offer an extensive portfolio of advanced image processing applications that are fully integrated into the IMPAX client. The result is that IMPAX will provide users with a single point of access for the clinical specialist, employing one seamless workflow with the RIS, PACS, and Reporting tools for increased productivity and efficiency.

Nuclear medicine
OASIS for IMPAX, developed in cooperation with Segami Corp., exemplifies Agfa HealthCare's commitment to extend the functionality of its leading PACS workstation to include applications traditionally performed on dedicated workstations. The approach helps reduce the operational cost of the department through improved workflow, and more efficient utilization of staff, equipment and office space. OASIS for IMPAX adds a fully featured nuclear medicine viewing and processing package to the IMPAX workstation. In addition to the traditionally available tools for viewing and reporting radiology images, the user can now access advanced features for viewing and processing of NM, SPECT, and PET images, at the click of a button.

IMPAX for Orthopaedics
Agfa HealthCare's comprehensive orthopaedic solution from scheduling, order generation, image capture with our CR/DR portfolio, viewing and reporting will be on display at RSNA this year. IMPAX for Orthopaedics delivers specialized solutions for radiologists and orthopaedic specialists, uniting orthopaedic measurement and prosthetic templating with the strength of IMPAX to create a unique platform for the delivery of orthopaedic treatment planning and analysis.

Ambulatory solutions
The needs of radiologists in ambulatory settings such as imaging centers, outpatient facilities, and private practice offices are as demanding as those inside the hospital. To support this demand, Agfa HealthCare has combined forces with market leader Sage Healthcare to deliver a pre-engineered productivity and business solution that addresses the requirements of the ambulatory segment of radiology. At RSNA 2010, the company will team with Sage Healthcare in showing its fully featured IMPAX 6 PACS with RIS, Practice Management and EMR solution from Sage Healthcare. The solution will be marketed by both companies.

Referring physicians' affinity
Now radiology departments can obtain strategic advantages in their local marketplace by better serving the needs of referring physicians and clinicians. With solutions ranging from web-based scheduling, to critical results notification to image and report distribution, Agfa HealthCare can develop a plan for a better physician experience, which can lead to the better adoption of Agfa HealthCare's IMPAX technology.

At RSNA 2010, Agfa HealthCare will demonstrate communication and collaboration tools between radiologist and clinician, remote access to patient information through mobile, wireless viewing devices as well as electronic patient record (EPR) or portal integrated results distribution.

Regional care: enterprise medical imaging and eHealth
Agfa HealthCare's award winning enterprise medical imaging repository, IMPAX Data Center, serves a key role in creating a longitudinal image enabled EMR or regional electronic health record (EHR), bringing the last major information space - imaging - into a unified, tightly integrated and centrally managed system. Agfa HealthCare's IMPAX Data Center, along with its Clinical Capture Suite*, provide large-scale multimedia storage for all types of DICOM 3.0 medical images and diagnostic results for hospital groups, regional healthcare organizations and national medical archives. The solution consolidates the imaging data from disparate systems into a single point of storage and distribution via the EMR to help improve and speed up decision-making.

Through enterprise-wide and vendor-neutral image management services, Agfa HealthCare gives diagnosticians the freedom to select tools and offers clinicians comprehensive, 24/7 access to images and results and enhance image-focused communications among members of interdisciplinary care teams.

*Note: Clinical Capture Suite is only available in the United States.

IMPAX Data Center Viewer, powered by XERO
IMPAX Data Center Viewer, powered by XERO, is a medical imaging viewer that offers uniform access regardless of location and addresses one of the most common issues facing healthcare providers today: the task of delivering images and information to care givers across a wide range of technical and physical barriers. IMPAX Data Center Viewer, powered by XERO, is a rapid performance, zero footprint medical imaging viewer developed to provide access to imaging information for clinicians at the point of care, having modest network bandwidth requirements and accommodating a wide variety of platforms and administrative rules.

Please visit Agfa HealthCare in Booth #8336, North Hall at RSNA 2010. To arrange a personal demonstration of our Imaging Excellence solutions, please contact us at


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