A perfectly shining product

The first operating theatre light with HD-SDI camera embedded in the head

The new surgical lighting,

Photo: A perfectly shining product

Quasar eLite, has received rave reviews since its launch earlier this year, the manufacturer Brandon Medical reports: ‘Orders have been coming in thick and fast for the OR light and end users have commented how the array of features have vastly improved their operating theatre experience.’

The company has completed installations at Bradford Royal Infirmary and London’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), an, with many further installations in the pipeline, it is hopeful that the Quasar eLite will ‘… continue to shine and impress surgeons up and down the country’.

Theatre staff at QEH are said to have commented how easy the light heads are to manoeuvre, a direct result of the bespoke spring arm system used in the Quasar eLite.

‘To compliment the excellent lighting characteristics, Quasar eLite packs a number of world- class features into its slim, low-weight chassis. It’s the first OR light to feature an HD-SDI camera fully embedded into the light head,’ Brandon Medical points out, adding that the camera is full HD, equipped with zoom controls and allows for outstanding picture quality on even the largest monitors. Further to providing a platform for telemedicine systems, mounting the camera inside the lamp head has more practical benefits in obviating the need for excessively large handles usually found when encasing the camera inside the light’s main handle.’


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