VoluCount monitors entire gas usage

VoluCount, a new system by Draeger Medical accurately measures the consumption of all installed medical gases in all hospital areas.

Photo: VoluCount monitors entire gas usage

Draeger Medical predicts that VoluCount – its new system that accurately measures the consumption of all installed medical gases in all hospital areas, will not only clarify individual departmental usage and identify potential savings, but also determine invoicing of others who use those facilities. The system is also said to make the detection of leaks easier.

The VoluCount is simply integrated into the valve box of the gas management system control unit in a specific area. No additional installations are necessary. Gas management systems ensure that medical gases are available in the right quantity and quality, while valve boxes monitor the gas pressure and vacuum in every hospital zone. The VoluCount records the gas consumption at shut-off valve for an area and identifies the type and quantity of gas used in each hospital zone.

Measurements are then sent automatically to the hospital’s control centre.

The system also can be connected to the hospital’s central alarm management system, which controls the supply of gases.

Two types of sensors are offered with the VoluCount, each covering a different measurement range (up to 50 or 450 l/min). To monitor gas flow, one sensor for each specific gas is used in the valve boxes. The sensors are calibrated for air, O2, n2O and air 8 bar. A menu provides access for setting the counter for each gas and to adjust the alarm thresholds for monitoring flow


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