The Accreditation Council for Education

During its 5th international congress (held in Denmark in April), the European Operating Room Nurses Organisation (EORNA) launched the Accreditation Council for Education (ACE) "Educational and training programmes in the nursing sector need alignment and development on a European level," explained EORNA President Irini Antoniadou. "From 1997 to the present, EORNA achieved a curriculum for a minimum of education in operating theatre and anaesthetic nursing and care. ACE represents a major step towards achieving a harmonised high-level peri-operative patient care in Europe."

ACE is not only the first European accreditation system for operating theatre nurses, but also represents a unique initiative for the professional development of nursing and care in general. Among its aims is the accessibility of continuing education and professional development. To this end, EORNA ACE sets quality standards for distance learning courses and educational events, e.g. scientific meetings, conferences, workshops or symposia. ‘Teaching institutes will be able to rely on the ACE quality label and integrate approved courses in their learning plans, thus guaranteeing the latest and accurate information,’ the organisers report, adding that it will be available to all European national nursing associations.
When given the stamp EORNA ACE Approved, educational courses or events can use the label on all their associated materials. Participants will be able to collect credits points and build their personal continued education programme. The review process by the EORNA ACE Board will assure quality standards of all courses or events.
The system also allows easy exchange of credits between European countries and comparable systems outside Europe, thus improving mobility in healthcare.
Next to evaluating operating theatre related initiatives, ACE will also act as an  accreditation committee for other healthcare associations and associations representing expert areas, including emergency, critical, paediatric and neonatal care nursing.


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