VisioCheck is the size of a smart phone and has the same features
VisioCheck is the size of a smart phone and has the same features

Article • The all-in-one portable telemedicine station

Small, smart and mobile

‘Visiomed, a French leader in medical grade connected devices and services that advocate patient engagement as a primary component to maintaining good health, is proud to launch VisioCheck BW-XO7HD – the first scalable and connected mobile and evolving telemedicine station that weighs under 10.5 ounces,’ the company reports.

‘Developed on the Android platform, VisioCheck Mobile Telemedicine Station, class II medical device, CE marked and pending FDA approval, is an all-in-one portable solution to enhance the usability of telemedicine and connected health.

‘The device is a connected mobile station that facilitates all aspects of telemedicine for patients, hospital and general healthcare professionals. VisioCheck provides a solution to support all aspects of telemedicine in terms of tele-expertise between healthcare professionals, tele-consultation between patients and healthcare professionals and tele-monitoring between patients and medical platforms.’

Use like a smartphone

The device is like a smartphone in features and size: it has a 10x6 cm colour LCD touchscreen, a high-definition camera and a high-intensity flash for recording or photographing injuries and other wounds. Patients can share these snapshots instantly and safely, the firm adds. ‘They can also make phone calls, hold video conferences over Wi-Fi networks, and share data through the Secure Cloud with healthcare professionals or providers.’ 

The system also includes several medical devices e.g. blood pressure monitor, thermometer using Thermoflash technology, pulse oximeter, ECG monitor and blood sugar monitor. It is also compatible with all other Bluetooth enabled medical devices, the manufacturer points out, especially the BewellConnect devices. ‘Easy to use, all data recorded is uploaded to the patient’s chart automatically.’


Developed by physicians using patented technologies, BewellConnect is the only extensive ecosystem to create an all-in-one telemedicine station for medics to monitor patients easily, daily, and safely, and accurately, the firm confirms. ‘It is an ultra-portable, scalable solution to facilitate, simplify and improve the experience for all users of telemedicine and connected healthcare. Gathering all the data in to one platform makes e-health accessible and available to patients and doctors.


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