The Pentax Medical Inspira video processor (EPK-i8020c)
The Pentax Medical Inspira video processor (EPK-i8020c)

Image source: Pentax Medical

News • Product launch at ESGE Days

Debut for new video processor and endoscope series

At the annual congress of the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE Days 2023) in Dublin, Pentax Medical has launched its newest products: the Inspira premium video processor, and the i20c video endoscope series.

The video processor acts as the bridge for legacy endoscopes1, bringing them to next level image quality, whilst the i20c video endoscope series supports procedures with superior vision and ergonomics, the manufacturer reports. 

Aiming to boost diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities the new video processor is designed to improve clinical outcomes by providing optimum image quality for all Pentax Medical endoscopes, including legacy endoscopes1. When this processor is combined with the new i20c endoscope series, visualization is further enhanced by providing highly detailed images to show vessels and structures in the best possible clarity. Its ergonomic control body and steering wheels allow for improved maneuverability. The new platform is designed to support healthcare professionals in detection, diagnosis and therapy better than ever.

The i20c endoscope series

image source: Pentax Medical

The Inspira video processor and i20c video endoscope series are designed to maximize the value of the endoscopy suite. The new video processor upgrades legacy endoscope portfolios to the latest imaging standards1, allowing current endoscope generations to meet high-class clinical needs for an extended duration of time. By providing an LED light source and smart image processing to a wide range of compatible endoscopes, it extends the lifecycle of each endoscope for greater sustainability. The processor’s dual port is compatible with two connection types, which makes this solution a gateway to the future of endoscopes. This i20c endoscope series consists of a unique control body and lightweight connector to enhance the user experience. 

Rainer Burkard, Global President at Pentax Medical, comments: “At Pentax Medical we care about providing the best possible support for health care professionals. We are very excited about our new premium platform Inspira setting new standards in endoscopy: the Inspira video processor allows physicians to upgrade legacy endoscopes, whilst being future-proof for the next generation, like the new i20c video endoscopes. Physicians benefit from optimized endoscopic workflows, improved imaging, and visualization, while extending lifecycles and experiencing superior ergonomics.” 

The company reports it is committed to continuously developing innovative products in accordance with physicians’ needs, as they spend countless hours working with these instruments. The unique 7-inch touchscreen with intuitive plug-and-play features of the new video processor, alongside the customizable graphical user interface, means that they can truly focus on their patient. 

Dr. Marc Giovannini, Chief of the Department of Medico-surgical Digestive Oncology, Institut Paoli-Calmettes, France, shares: “This new processor improves dramatically the quality of the endoscopic image, especially with the 4K screen.” The i20c endoscope series features improved ergonomics and adjustable stiffness, significantly improving the user experience for all physicians. This new generation of endoscopes offers richly detailed imaging, and the Auto-HDR feature provides true colors and high contrasts. Healthcare professionals can enjoy outstanding maneuverability, angulation and handling, combined with further improved vision. 

After receiving CE marks in January, these solutions are commercially available from April 19th, 2023. However, the company adds that launch dates may vary between global regions, pointing to their sales representatives to provide further information. 

  1. 90i, i10, J10, 90K and i10c series endoscopes. Not all models are compatible. For details, contact your local Pentax Medical service facility.

Source: Pentax Medical


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