Patient safety during endoscopy

Microfiltrex Biofil PES filter cartridges

Despite thorough cleansing, endoscopy tools can be re-contaminated because non-sterile water is used for the final rinse.

Photo: Patient safety during endoscopy

Biofil PES filters, developed by Microfiltrex (info@porvairfiltration.
com) can make that water bacteria-free during an automated endoscope reprocessing (AER) cycle because, the firm reports, they are composed of an asymmetric polyethersulphone membrane that enhances bacterial retention. ‘They are manufactured in class 10,000 clean rooms, using FDA approved materials, and validated in accordance with the HIMA guidelines for sterile water provision,’ the firm adds.

The filters are available as point-of-use capsules or water treatment system cartridge filters suitable for use with most OEM systems.


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