Patient-centered digitalization in modern healthcare

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Patient-centered digitalization in modern healthcare

Patient-oriented innovations and cases of the processes digitalization are presented at the Healthcare Automation and Digitalization Congress 2021 (AUTOMA+ Healthcare Edition 2021). The Congress takes place online, at BGS Online Platform on September, 27-28, 2021, and gathers hospitals, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies to network and share solutions regarding the personalized medicine developments and digital healthcare transformation.

Last two years a lot of people have to deal with the healthcare industry, and besides COVID-19 consequences, there is still a big amount of diseases and struggles that humanity has to overcome. Healthcare digitalization in frames of the person-oriented care is not just an addition to the treatment, but the necessity for patients who require individual approach or have to remain motionless during the long-lasting treatment. Cutting-edge technologies and models of care delivery, research in behavioral science and technology, security technologies of the payment and price transparency, and cases of improved patient outcome are the topics of one of the AUTOMA+ Healthcare Edition sessions about patient-oriented healthcare. Careanimation, University Medicine Essen, Hospital Clínic Barcelona, Hospital Universitari Parc Taulí, and Abbott are among the companies who present their cases during the session dedicated to this topic.

Making intuitive digital health solutions for patients is as important as orientation to the individual healthcare solutions. More and more market companies are implementing innovative digital solutions into their operations, but the number of these companies still remains very low. The ones that do are usually focusing on wearables ecosystem, vitals tracking, and virtual reality. Sometimes they are even developing data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual preferences, and implement AI or bots to analyze experience and propose ready-made solutions, but such companies still require more resources and initiatives.

Health industry duty is to develop and adapt cutting-edge technologies to be able to improve its quality to the beat of the other, not that vitaly important industries. Digital strategy for the business transformation, digital health ecosystem, care facilitation for caregivers, and AI integration into the caring processes are the topics of the Congress session about people as a key element of healthcare digital transformation. Among the participating companies are ELATEC Gmbh, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Hospital Vall d'Hebron, Ziekenhuis Geel, Bristol Myers Squibb, and m.DOC.

Request full list of the participants with the business program of the AUTOMA+ Healthcare Edition Congress here.


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